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How to properly apply powder?

I've heard so many ways that your "supposed to" apply it. I've heard in spiral motions. I've heard horizontal across your forehead chin and bridge of your nose, and spiral on your cheeks. I've heard so many different things. what is the correst way to do it? thanks, xoxo

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    if you want light-medium coverage,

    use a brush, swirl it in the powder, tap off the excess and buff on your skin. the longer you buff, the more natural it'll look. use a kabuki brush if you want more coverage. if you want even MORE coverage than that, spray your brush with water. it should be damp but not wet. then apply the powder.

    if you want full coverage,

    use a sponge, pat the sponge in the powder. PAT don't drag the sponge down the powder or you'll have a cakey face and pat the sponge on your face. if you want very full coverage, spray the sponge with water. it should be damp not wet. that means if you wring the sponge no water comes out. if you use a sponge make sure you wash it often or the bacteria in the sponge will go on your face and break you out.

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    I used pressed powder foundation, so it covers but is still light, but I use a fluffy brush, I apply mine in a circular motion, on the right, clock-wise and the left conter-clockwise, so, away from the nose, and forehead, same way, and nose, I pat-like it on, or stipple it on, so it sticks to my nose better.

    Hope it helped!(:

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    i would suggest in a more circular motion because it gives your face a more skin like texture making it look more natural.

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