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What is causing World Seismographs to show world earthquakes?

What is causing World Seismographs to show world earthquakes? ty

This pic was taken about two weeks ago. All grafts was alike.

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    What you would see if you plotted these out on a globe that could show in real-time the different sensors registering the intensity, is that each event triggers the strongest spikes in the sensors nearest the epicenter. For example, something just occurred around N. China/Russia, and has subsequently been registered by one of the Alaskan sensors. The last places to register it will be S. American stations.

    Every earthquake (and hundreds occur everyday) reverberates throughout the globe and will be picked up by all sensors, though at those most distant to the epicenter the strength may not register above the background noise being registered locally.

    This is how we triangulate the location, distance, and relative intensity of events.

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    "What is causing World Seismographs to show world earthquakes?"

    Earthquakes occurring throughout the world - that's what.

    Earthquakes happen all over the world every day, and register on seismographs all over the world every day.

    You look at these seismograph images and you have no idea how to interpret them. Many of them show noise in the system, not earthquakes. Many of them show earthquakes that occurred recently, but not at the same time. You also don't know how the vertical scale on these graphs is calibrated. It may be that for some of them, it's really sensitive to very small quakes, while others are not that sensitive.

    The point is: nothing to see here - nothing to worry about - move along.

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  • lucero
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  • Mark R
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    There have been several very recent tremors worldwide, and this may have triggered the recent volcanic activity.

    Basically, all the "stuff" we have be doing to Mother earth, bombing to kill 10-20 people etc. Mother earth is about to slap our Bottoms, showing the power she has.

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