How can setting goals achieve my Divine Potential?

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    The Ultimate Divine Potential is to become One with God our Creator.

    That means to know as and what He knows. To think as He thinks.

    To share in His Power and Ability completely.

    Cowardly illiterates who sneer and scoff at this concept- claiming to be Christians- do not care about Jesus' Words promising exactly this:

    . JOHN 17:20-23.

    20. "Neither pray I for these alone,

    but for them also which shall believe on me

    through their Word;

    21. "That they all may be One;

    as Thou, Father, art in me, and I in Thee,

    that they also may be One in us:

    that the World may believe

    that Thou hast sent me.

    22. "And the Glory which thou gavest me

    I have given them;

    that they may be One,

    even as we are One:

    23. "I in them, and Thou in me,

    that they may be made Perfect in One;

    and that the World may know

    that Thou hast sent me,

    and hast loved them,

    as Thou hast loved me."

    This requires Total Agreement with Jesus' Teachings, and obedience of all his Commandments.

    Those who tell us that it cannot be done, and should not be aspired to are never obedient to Jesus' Teachings and Commandments, and can be discounted completely.


    1. Beliefs; 2. Thoughts; 3. Words; 4. Physical Actions;

    5. Postulates; 6. Total Understanding.

    . THE EIGHT DYNAMICS By L. Ron Hubbard

    1.Self; 2.Family; 3.Groups; 4.All Mankind; 5.All Living Things;

    6. The MEST (Physical) Universe; 7.Spirits; 8.God.


    8.Self; 12.Groups; 15.All Mankind; 22.MEST Universe; 32.Spirits; 40.God.

    . The L. Ron Hubbard TONE SCALE (partial listing only):

    40.Serenity; 30.Postulates; 22.Games; 20.Action;

    8.0 Exhilaration; 6.Aesthetics;

    4.0 Enthusiasm; 3.5 Cheerfulness; 3.0 Conservatism; 2.5 Boredom;

    2.0 Overt Hostility; 1.8 Pain; 1.5 Anger; 1.4 Hate; 1.2 No Sympathy;

    1.1 Covert Hostility; 1.0 Fear; 0.9 Sympathy; 0.5 Grief; 0.1 Apathy;

    0.0 Body Death.

    The second step in failing to achieve one's Divine Potential is to pass judgment on people like L. Ron Hubbard and Carlos Castaneda, ignoring the Divine Principles in their Teachings, because of some excuse to Judge and Condemn and disobey Jesus' explicit Commandments against that.

    Those who would encourage such behavior on your part are not helping you.

    All you need from anyone who knows what you do not is that knowledge.

    Did you know that when you achieve the 40th Level of Awareness, that you will perceive God?

    Did you know that meditation in the Word of God enables your mind to ascend through the Levels of Awareness and Existence? You owe these men for their finding out for us what works and what does not, and where our church leaders have been making the mistakes these past twenty centuries.

    Our Goals should be to solve problems in the Eight Dynamics, working our way to achieve access to, and the solution of, Problems on the Eighth Dynamic. This has to be done progressively without drawing back, nor rushing ahead before one is ready.

    This is the Goal of Prayer.

    If you only pray for yourself, you will enter into dangers of doubt whether you have any business asking for things you know you cannot use. If you pray for others inside or outside the Church and your church, there is no question that you need access to Higher Levels in order to get victory on other people's behalf.

    I have been told to my face in almost as many words by Christians who have had even urgent crushing, and deadly problems, that they did not believe in praying for anyone but themselves, and did not care what happened to anyone else in their church or outside it. I have had to watch some of these sorts of people die, or carry around some shameful condition, because they did not have nor want the power to overcome that problem on others' behalf, so they unwittingly rejected it for themselves.

    Supposing for instance, that you were blind, deaf, or crippled, along with other members of your church. If you had the Power to overcome these conditions, your duty is to exercise them on others' behalf. Therefore, as you pray for God to heal you, you should also be praying to heal your Brethren too. If you are not doing so, what is God to think? You have rejected Jesus' Concept of Brotherhood.

    Why then should you be treated as one of the Brethren? This is the dirty secret behind unhealed Christians.

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  • Steve
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    9 years ago

    Well... I'm not sure what your divine potential is. If you set these goals it might help make you a better person though.

    1) give to the needy

    2) care for those that don't have a lot of friends

    3) pray every day

    4) repent of your shortcomings before God.

    That's the only divine potential I know. Good luck!

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  • God is a God of order, The bible speaks of first the natural then the spiritual. Everything spiritually can be confirmed, even explain by the natural things God has created.

    I said that to say this. You should set goals because, God would have HIS people to be the Head(1st) and not the Tail. WE have to apply ourselves, even with God being on our side, and God said he will bless the work of our hands. However; " without works is dead..." Set Goals, aim high, God can bless those goals.

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  • 9 years ago

    B/c it gives you something to strive for to do for the Lord.

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