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What do you think of Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi) ?

I am so in love with his films and his acting . I love all his films he is funny and serious at the same time . My favourite films are :-


Battle Royale

Violent Cop

Achilles and the tortoise

Glory to the film maker




What is your favourite , why and what is your view of kitano . ??

Thanks in advance

Jess xo

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    I'm a very big fan too, he played a considerable part in my taste for japanese cinema. His style is just unique and the way he can communicate with just facial expression is amazing. Sure, some of what makes his expression recognizable comes from the accident he had but his whole history is deeply interesting.

    From his comedy past to the Takeshi's Castle show or his intriguing videogame creation coupled with both acting and directing makes him one of the most charismatic figures in cinema.

    I haven't seen everything he made, but i do have many on some sort of "to watch" list. From the several i've seen though, i often keep thinking of "Brother", although it might be easy for someone else to dismiss that one a bit, being made outside Japan, but i just love the story.

    Zatoichi and Battle Royale are clear favorites too, but outside of your own list, i'd say Gonin.

    Definitely one of my all-time favorite movies, even if not his work, but he's in there to give it even more quality.

    I'd also add "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence" and "Gohatto", both very good movies with him as an actor.

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    i admire eastern Cinema with a fondness! No a large fan of J-horror. It in basic terms does not resonate with me. I do despite if love their drama's. it in many cases has a tendency to lean to the melo dramatic despite if it by no potential fails to ring a bell. additionally they comprehend animation as a real artwork type which could be utilized for all kinds of tale telling. no longer basically teenagers video clips.

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