Don't the taxpayers already pay for Congressmans' medical and dental care?

So why is it that Dennis Kucinich is suing the cafeteria in the Capitol because he cracked a tooth on an olive pit for $150,000 in "damages"? How much does fixing a cracked tooth cost, and how much did he actually pay? Isn't that what "damages" consists of?

Could it be he's just another parasitic lawyer, one of hundreds in Congress, bilking the system for whatever he can get out of it?


You see, the problem is I do understand the leg

Update 2:

You see, the problem is I do understand the legal system quite well, and know that this is a prime example of why it is so dysfunctional. A simple dental problem that caused some minor pain for a few days and probably cost a couple of thousand dollars (at most) to fix becomes a reason to try to play the system for more than the average person will make in 3 years. It's yet another example why tort reform is such a key piece of the puzzle that Democrats have been fighting for decades now. The system is broken and is in desperate need of repair. That will not happen until the Trial Lawyers lobby gets out of the pockets of the Democrats.

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    why did he wait so long . the Next day he's filmed without any apparent problem with his tooth..good grief

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    Yes, and it's obvious that you do not understand the US legal system. Kucinich is not suing to have his tooth fixed, he's suing for pain, and suffering, caused by the negligence of the cafeteria staff.

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    I think before you pass judgment, you might want to walk a mile in his shoes. I seriously doubt you know the whole story.

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    yes we pay for his medical, the same care you will get with obamacare, roflmao.

    he is a politacian, also he is a stupid jerk.

    but he hope to get a settlement to keep from losing valiable time in court, also is he gets a settlement, he wont testify, so he won't face pejury charges.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes we do, and yes he is a parasite.

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