Is a web development agency costly if you want to sell things and do affiliate marketing?

Am I better with just a web hosting site instead?

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    If cost is your concern, There is a new trend emerging in the web hosting industry called "self funding web hosting" where your web host reinvest part of the web hosting fee you pay and share the profit with you. You pay less and less every month until your self funding becomes 100%, then your web hosting is free for life. If the profit for a given month is more than your web hosting fee that is pure profit for you.

    The idea is to turn part of your business expenses into an investment and passive monthly without any cost, time or work on your part.

    As you are into affiliate marketing, I suggest you check out the source below as they can help you with your affiliate marketing too.

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    Source(s): Quick-Start Affiliate Guide
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    Hiring a web development agency will cost you a lot of money. There are free web hosting sites but then again it is not advisable to use such free sites. Though there are web hosting sites that offers good hosting for an affordable site like There a lot of resources available in the internet you should weigh in other options before you decide.

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    Web development agencies can run you into thousands of dollars. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I suggest you learn as much about it as you can for free. This lady is a "Super Affiliate"

    and her stuff is free and inexpensive.

    You are better off using your own hosted word press site as it is very easy to do yourself at low cost.

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    not really

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