Living long term in U.S. Territories?

Well long story short I would like to live on a tropical island away from the hustle and bustle of what is most U.S. mainland cities....I have no college degree but I did graduate high school with decent grades...I would not consider myself dumb by any means....I pride myself in hard work and moral and ethical behavior.....Is there any real possibility that I could move to one of the U.S. Territories and get a job whether it be washing dishes or working in the tourist and hospitality industry and survive at all....or are there restrictions of who can stay long term...such as Government workers or Teachers? Is my dream practical or a mere pipe dream?


I was born a raised in New York.....therefore I am a legal U.S. Citizen

Update 2:

How would one go about obtaining a say The Virgin Islands or American Samoa with out first going there? Or could I show up as a "tourist" and put in applications and do the necessary work to get a job without proving that I am going to eventually leave?

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  • 10 years ago
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    What is your NATIONALITY? If you are American , you can live in any U.S. territory as long as you like, anytime you like. U.S> V.I. are great, but cost of living there is about 30% more than on the mainland. If you are not American...same rules apply to the territories as apply to the mainland. You MUST have a work visa to work in any part of the U.S. Not having advanced education , or a profession, you will not qualify for a work visa.

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    10 years ago

    no. you need a job before you get here unless you have tons of cash. 90 days for a tourist visa and you cannot work with one.

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