How does insurance companies work?

I was in a car wreck tonight. I was going up a hill and another car was coming down, they admitted they were going to fast, they hit ice and slammed into my car. My front bumper is gone along with my headlight, my mirror, and my door is so bad it won't even open. I have liability insurance. Since it was the guys fault and he admitted it was his insurance pays for everything right? Do I get a rental car, that's what the cop said? My dad said though, since it's his insurance paying for everything they won't be so quick to get me one. Do you know how long it takes or if something like this has ever happened to you? I need a car because I am in college. I go to the University of Louisville but I live in Cincinnati. Im up in Cincinnati right now but I need a car for school. Thank you for your time.


Sorry if this was jumbled. I have a bad headache and I didn't feel like re-reading it.

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    9 years ago
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    Call his insurance co (presuming he gave you his details) and see whether they have got the accident registered and whether they have an early view on liability i.e. do they already agree that it was his fault? If so, you are in luck and they might authorise a rental car which either they will arrange for you or agree a budget for you to arrange for yourself.

    But it's pretty early for them to agree liability yet so.... your next best option if you really need transport is to arrange a rental car for yourself. Again, I would call his insurer and even if they can't yet confirm anything about the claim, ask them which rental car company they would recommend you use to stay within their usual budget. This convo will be recorded and show your good intentions to do the right thing.

    You will then need to arrange your own rental but try the company they recommend (if they do) so you are seen to be trying to get the best deal. And arrange for a budget car not a luxury model.

    Admittedly this means you will be spending your own money up front and there is some risk that if the claim is ultimately denied (for whatever reason) you could be out of pocket. But hopefully not. And by renting a small budget car the cost will hopefully not be too high.

    Hopefully within a couple of days the insurance company will have processed his claim to the point of agreeing liability to repair your car (and provide a replacement) and at this stage you might be able to arrange for the rental bill to be sent directly from the car company to the insurer. Especially if it is a rental company that regulalry does business with that insurer.

    Good luck!

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  • roger
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    9 years ago

    each insurance company is different, some are better than others, Its difficult to predict what will happen.As the first answerer wrote (and he was right on the money, It is best to arrange a car rental yourself, if you can get the insurance company to recommend one, use them (budget model) many insurance companies will just stall So to even get the rental car at all, its best to arrange it on your own, if possible (your age plays a large part in this too)

    Some insurance companies are a lot better than others.some are more difficult to work with. I call the local agent for their insurance company and ask the receptionist if their is a local body shop, or shops they prefer in the local area, Often times there may be a few the insurance company likes, and I will make a point to go down and get an estimate for the damages, usually three local estimates, Then send the one I like to the insurance adjuster assigned to my claim. Often times, this expedites the claim, and if you arrange your own rental car, this will increase your chances of being reimbursed for it. You are entitled to be made whole, and by rights the check should come to you. Many insurance companies will volunteer (to send YOUR CHECK directly to the body shop, If that is not what you want tell them NO thank you, send the check to me, I will take care of it when its more convenient to me. Have patience, a less than helpful adjuster leaves a sour taste in my mouth. best of your best, don't get discouraged there is a reason it is called an accident.

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  • Daniel
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    9 years ago

    Well your dad is right in a way...

    If you would have had full coverage insurance on your vehicle, you could have opened a claim up with your insurance company, and if you have a rental car agreement, they would have had you one rather quickly...

    If the officer declared the other person was at fault, and no investigation is needed, then things get alot smoother...

    You may actually want to call your insurance agent and get some information... because I do believe you have the right to take it to a garage of YOUR choice, and not the insurance company of the person who's fault it was choice... however, if your insurance was paying for it, they may tell you where to take it...

    You are meant to be as inconvenienced as little as possible...

    Call your insurance agent and talk to them... they will give you alot better answer than we can.. you dont need to open a claim... just explain exactly what you explained to us.. to your insurance agent... and you will be all good to go...

    Another 'however' might be the minimum age to rent a rental car is typically 25.. with Hertz having a 21 year policy...

    If you are under this age, you may not be able to get a rental car...

    Good luck

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First; because the guy said it was his fault and the cop said it was his fault does not necessarily mean it will be found to be his fault. Only insurance companies determine fault. If his company accepts liability (fault) then they will pay to fix your car and MAY pay for a rental. The best way to get a loaner vehicle is to choose a body shop that provides a free loaner while they are fixing your car. Many body shops are doing that now. Have you notified your own insurance company about this wreck? You have a duty to do so and it is smart to notify them anyway.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    speak to his insurance company, and ask to talk to the demurrage department.

    there is a department in insurance companies that deals with third party hire cars, its called demurrage

    U should be able to claim it back of them as their insured was at fault.

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