Do you feel the private or public sector creates and sustains more job opportunities?

USA News: 'Public Sector Workers Are the New Privileged Elite Class In 2009', the study found "private-sector workers were nearly three times more likely to be jobless than public-sector workers."

Which would you rather work for and why?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The public sector jobs do not create value. They are all funded by private sector jobs.

    As the free market ebbs and flows through expansion and recession, the market determines wage and employment levels according to need in the private sector. Right now, as the economy is lagging, unemployment is high because workers were laid off to adjust to decreased revenues.

    The public sector, however, is FAR less exposed to the ups and downs of the market because the employees are protected by unions, which are funded by politicians, who in turn are elected by union support. Government employees are not subject to layoff because they don't have a bottom line to worry about. As the government grows, it continues to go into debt to cover its budget shortfalls.

    Public sector employee pay is far greater than private because it is artificially boosted by bargaining and political positioning. Pay is based on seniority more so that by performance as in the private sector. So, not only are public sector employees less likely to be unemployed, they are paid significantly higher than their private sector counterparts.

    Before you decide that you would just rather be a public sector worker, you MUST realize that it would be impossible for all citizens of a free, capitalist society to be employed by the government because there would be not one business or citizen left to pay the taxes which fund the public sector.

    Public sector jobs are value detractors - a necessary evil which must be minimized. Private sector jobs are value-adders to society.

    Public sector salary and pension benefits are one of the chief reasons for Illinois and California to be on the verge of default on their state obligations. Politicians have made promises of others' money to public employees for votes and it is literally bankrupting states and municipalities.

    Ask yourself? Do you REALLY want to be just one more self-concerned individual leeching off the government - one more person sinking the country into debt? Or do you want to work in the private sector and pay for the other leeches in the government? Kinda a tough decision either way.

    When the politicians tell you they are "creating jobs" in the government, they are lying because a government cannot create jobs. They must be created by the private sector to have real value.

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