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What mid card wrestler will be the 1st to win a World Title Morrison, Christian, Kingston or Ziggler? Plus BQs?

WQ:) Basically what I'm asking here is What mid card wrestler will be

the first to win the Wwe Championship or World Heavyweight Title this

year or who will win the world title first and when is it going to happen?

A:) John Morrison

B:) Christian

C:) Kofi Kingston

D:) Dolph Ziggler

E:) Other Wrestler

BQ:) Same question who will be the first to win a World Title and question

here is how will they win their first world title? What is they first step in the

process how will they do this will they win the Royal Rumble or the MITB?

BQ2:) Will Chris Masters "The Masterpiece" defeat Dolph Ziggler for soon

for the Intercontinental Championship he's been part of the Wwe for about

5 years now and he's never won any championships. Rumor has it that he

is next in line for a major push on Smackdown is this a good or bad move?

The source is the article read it please.

-Answer all three parts of these questions for the 10 points thanks to all.

-Answer these questions if you haven't so already try to answer these too.;_ylt=ArQut...;_ylt=Aqb1T...


@Jordan oh ok cool I haven't really been keeping up with Smackdown just Raw.

Update 2:

Thanks for all the good answers there are a few that I'm considering a best answer.





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    Out of those four wrestlers, I predict that John Morrison will be the first one to hold a World Title. He seems to be getting a pretty good push lately and he's at a point in his career where he is on the borderline of becoming a main eventer. He ended up winning his feud with Sheamus and he even got a title opportunity against The Miz. On top of that, his popularity is continuing to grow amongst the fans, which will most likely lead to him becoming a top face on Raw very soon.

    Although I think Morrison will become a World Champion first, I think Christian is the one who deserves it most. He's been in the business for a very long time and constantly delivers great matches. I think the only reason he hasn't been given a title reign yet is simply because Vince McMahon doesn't like the fact that he left for TNA and then came back.

    As for Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston, while they are both good up and coming wrestlers, I just don't think they're World Champion material just yet. Dolph is very talented and a great heel and someday in the future I think he will make a very believable champion. I'm glad he's getting a push and a title opportunity, I just can't see him carrying around the world title yet. As for Kofi, to me he's still just mid carder material. He's a good face wrestler and all, but for some reason I can't see him being a World Champion anytime soon.

    BQ1- Everyone seems to think Morrison's a favorite to win the Rumble this year, but I think he has a better chance of winning a MiTB match. MiTB matches are geared more towards upper mid carders and when a superstar wins that match, they break into the main event scene. Morrison usually always delivers in MiTB matches, so I think he has a good chance of winning it this year at Wrestlemania, which will lead to his first reign as a World Champion.

    BQ2- For some reason, I just can't see Chris Masters winning a championship yet. While he is a hard worker and deserves a title reign of some kind, WWE just doesn't use him very well. Since he isn't really involved in any good storylines and doesn't get a great reaction from the audience, I doubt that he'll get a title shot anytime soon.

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    Of the 4 listed I can see all of them in the title hunt -- and especially the 3 'Young Guys' eventually holding Gold --- I won't be shocked to see Christian w/ it... but I'll be less shocked if he never gets elevated...

    That said... if the follow the Dolph/Edge Feud to Mania He'll be first (Morrison and Kofi have already been in Chamber matches and to date the only guys with more than one Chamber Match also have World/WWE Titles on the resume) -- one of them 'Could' win the Rumble (but again precedent rears its head in No IC/US champion has won the Rumble since they made the Mania Match a prize

    That takes Kofi out of the running in the immediate future (as the Mid card belts have often been dropped in advance of the Main event Push -- in most cases the major exception being Ultimate Warrior in the 90's

    so really that only leaves Ziggler and Morrison in the pre-Mania build up -- and with Ziggler in a title match at the rumble he becomes most obvious

    B1: Once Mania Arrives, all bets are off as my 'exclusionary reasoning' wears off... and depending if Mania has its own MitB match again (heck if they have 2 @ an MitB PPV and 1 at Mania... all 4 guys could be in the picture/hold the title before Year's end (december 09-to december 2010 saw three 1st time champions crown in Sheamus, Swagger and Miz, 2 Via MitB -- throw in a Rumble win and you have instant elevation of 4 guys within a year

    B2: Masters is by and large enhancement Talent... they throw him a win now and then to cover the smell of 'Jobber' but I doubt he weill ever be a champion... but if it happens he'd more likely be a transitional one -- My only guess for how he could find his way back into the Mid-card Title scene would be if he were a NXT Pro (I don't follow it so he may have been once) and if his rookie -- whether by win or what ever -- moved to Raw or SD! and they worked an angle with/against each other

  • I would have to put my Money on John Morrison, but with a tidy little side bet on Ziggler. So far, John Morrison has proven that he can measure up with almost anybody in terms of wrestling ability, especially if it is a gimmick match such as Falls Count Anywhere or Ladder. Plus he seems to be over with the large majority of people, especially women & children (not unlike a certain purple clad main eventer).

    However when it comes to regular good old matches, Dolph Ziggler has him beat. He has a very entertain style of mixing technical wrestling with aggression and speed, and has rarely had a bad match (even against opponents like Khali for frick sake). Add the fact that he is paired with "The Heat Magnet", Vickie Guerrero, and it is not surprising that he seems to be WWE next up and comer. Overall though Morrison seems to be more over with the crowd than Ziggler, so I'd would say JoMo will be the next one to rise to main event status.

    2. Hmmm, well Morrison is often compared with Shawn Micheals, so I would say winning the Royal Rumble, and then winning the Title at WM would be the best way to do it. MITB is also a good option, but all in all too similar to his former tag partner's rise to the top.

    3. Can't say I really have an opinion on Masters. I would say he ought to win maybe a Tag Title before a Midcard Title, as the IC Title has long been known as the "First Step to a World Title", and I honestly never see Masters as a WWE Title contender. But hey, maybe he'll get the ball one day, and I would be prepared to give him a chance and see how re runs with (or fumbles) it.

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    WQ and BQ: My feeling is it will be Dolph Ziggler. He's arguably the best in-ring performer the WWE has right now, and he keeps getting better. He may not be the most charismatic or the best mic-worker in the WWE, but he's got something nobody else has: Vickie Guerrero. She's got some (storyline) pull in the WWE, being the "official consultant, yada yada yada", and she can stack the odds in Ziggler's favor. She can also run distraction and interference on Ziggler's behalf, helping him to pull off the surprise upset.

    I seriously doubt Ziggler will beat Edge at The Rumble. I believe it will be later in the year, after Wrestlemania during the traditional post-WM lull when things start slowing down and getting routine again, at some minor PPV, when Ziggler pulls off the upset and pins Edge for the WHC, to spark a little more interest in Smackdown.

    BQ2: Masters is pretty over and a big push would no doubt be well-received by the fans. Tying in to Ziggler, I could very well see him beat Ziggler for the IC Title, then see Ziggler rebound by pinning Edge for the WHC at the next PPV, like the way Miz rebounded after losing the U.S. Title to "Daniel Bryan".

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  • John Morrison will be the first.I think John Morrison will challenge Miz at Wrestlemania 27 in a Triple Threat match, alongside Randy Orton, with the WWE championship on the line.John Morrison will pick up the win, pinning Miz.

    BQ1 - John Morrison; neither Royal Rumble nor Money In The Bank, him and Randy Orton will be in the Finals of a tournament, with the winner challenging Miz at Wrestlemania.Alex Riley and Miz hit the ring, causing the match to be declared a Draw.The GM emails, saying that at Wrestlemania, Miz will defend his WWE championship to both John Morrison and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match.

    BQ2 - Dolph Ziggler isn't the Intercontinental champion anymore.Kofi Kingston is.I think Chris Masters will turn heel and feud with Kofi Kingston over the Intercontinental championship, with Chris Masters winning the Intercontinental championship.

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    John Morrison wwe is giving him a huge push , i mean he won his feud against The former 2 times world champion Sheamus and he has been winning many of his matches (even in the last raw when his team lost he wasn't the wrestler who got pinned Mark Henry was) so i think it's John Morrison

    BQ : I Think he will be the winner of the this Royal Rumble

    BQ2 : Probably he start feuding with Kofi Kingston after Royal rumble and this feud would end up Masters as The intercontinental champion

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    As it looks right now, I think it may be Alberto Del Rio .

    I think I speak for everyone when I say I want to be Christian . Christian has been working his butt off since his debut in 1999 . His mic skills and charisma is far better than many main event wrestlers today . And his former tag team partner, Edge, is the current World Heavyweight Champion . Now you can't tell me that the Royal Rumble is a great place for Christian to start a feud with Edge . The chemistry and history falls into place . But yet, little old Vince McMahon thinks since he's 39 years of age (I think) that he's only good for putting wrestlers over . In my opinion, Christian looks like he's far from retirement and can still work like he did in those Tables, Ladders, Chairs Matches he had with The Hardy Boys and Team 3D back in 1999 and 2000 . And even if he is about to retire, the least you can give him is a World Championship reign .

    But no, little old Vince McMahon wants to push Alberto Del Rio . I personally like Alberto Del Rio; he has great mic and wrestling skills, and he has that cocky look and attitude to him that makes him a monster heel . And it even looks like he's going to win the Royal Rumble and face Edge at Wrestle Mania . I'm not saying that's bad, I just think it's too early for him to main event Wrestle Mania so early in his career . If I could book him in any match, I'd make him face Daniel Bryan in an Intercontinental + U.S Championship Unification Match . Christian has already shown himself worthy of the main event .

    But the youth movement is in the middle if it's effect . That's the reason Vince McMahon wants The Miz vs. John Cena at Wrestle Mania . That's the reason Vince McMahon wants Wade Barrett to face The Undertaker instead of an already established star like Chris Jericho or Triple H . Alberto Del Rio is probably the best heel on Smackdown currently, and he seems like the only eligible opponent for Edge at Wrestle Mania (in Vince McMahon's mind) . So there's my theory .

    BQ1: I really don't know . With the way it looks now, it looks like Alberto Del Rio can get a World Championship Match any way he wants . Rather it be the Royal Rumble, 1# Contender's Elimination Chamber Match, Money in the Bank or just basically asking for it .

    BQ2: Chris Masters has held the World Tag Team Championships before with Carlito . But I still think he deserves more . He's been with WWE for 5 years now and has always been known for was a body builder, but he hasn't been used to his full potential . Maybe he can defeat Kofi Kingston (he's the Intercontinental Champion, not Dolph Ziggler) and win the title . At least this can get him away from the other jobbers on Superstars .

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    A:)John Morrison

    BQ:) He will win the Royal Rumble match this Sunday and gp on to win either the WWE or World Championship at this year's WrestleMania.

    BQ2:) No for two reasons. One, Dolph Ziggler isn't the Intercontinental Champion (Knfi Kingston is.) and two, he won;t win the belt.

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    e:) Other Wrestler is Chris Masters

    BQ: Defeats Kane to Qualify for the Elimination Chamber for the WHC and during the weeks leading to EC Masters turns heel and at Elimination Chamber he wins the WHC thus starting a fued with Edge leading to WM XXVII where he defeats Edge to retain the WHC.

    BQ2: Ziggler aint IC Champ no more Kofi is but it would of been good if he did.

  • wq: kofi kingston. last year he was on the money in the bank poster and

    dvd cover he's next in line to be world champion he's going to be very good

    champion just like booker t was back in the day.

    bq: kofi will win one of the money in the bank ladder matches this year.

    bq2: yes i think that's going to happen after the royal rumble he will be a

    champion for a few months just like swagger was last year world champ.

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