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Okay, so here is my situation. Basically I did average in High School (A's B's and C's). I never really did any extra curricular activities other than football freshman year. I scored 1750 on my SAT junior year, and then I applied to every military academy, and was turned down by all of them lol. So 2 months ago I enlisted into the army and am now wondering if there are any paths that I can take to get into West Point. I was talking to a guy who enlisted and did linguistics, and was then transferred to West Point, and from West Point to the USAFA. Also, I read something about a school called West Point prep school. How do I get into this? Is there any way I can request some sort of transfer into it after I go to basic?

Also, I am well aware that the odds of getting into any academy is slim. But it still seems worth a try to get into one, especially since I do not plan on making a career out of the military and would like an education, but I would still like to be an officer

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    West Point, the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy all have have prep schools. The prep schools are primarily to be used to provide opportunities for enlisted Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen to become competitive for the service academies and to diversify the officer corps.

    4.9.2. Primary consideration for enrollment shall be accorded to nominees to

    fill officer accession objectives for minorities, including women, and for those enlisted

    applicants who, by their professional performance and demonstrated ability, deserve

    consideration for appointment to an academy.

    See Page 10:

    In reality they are being primarily used to prep recruited high school athletes and recruited high school diversity candidates. About 20% of Usmaps and Air Force Academy Prepsters are enlisted Soldiers and Airmen. For the Class of 2014 only 7% of the Naval Academy Prep School Appointments to the Naval Academy were enlisted Sailors and Marines. A guy cannot be past his 22nd birthday on July 1 of the year entering the Prep School, past the 23rd birthday on July 1 of the year of being appointed to West Point. There is a much better chance of being appointed by enrolling in a college with Rotc and taking the first year curriculum of a 1st year West Point Cadet. The Rotc Commander can offer his Cadets nominations to West Point. Since your desire is to commission as an Army Officer and you wish to be in a military academy environment and have a 1750 SAT, your best shot at West Point is to leave the DEP and apply to the ECP(early commissioning program) at one or more of the five military junior colleges. Also apply for an appointment to West Point. As a scholarship ECP Cadet, you would only be able to apply for an appointment to West Point and not the other service academies. With a 1750 Sat you will in all likelihood be awarded an rotc scholarship that will finance the education at the military junior college. West Point does not make a decision on College Candidates till receiving the Fall semester grades. If you are unsuccessful in attaining an appointment for the Class of 2016, you could apply again for the Class of 2017 and continue on as an ECP Cadet, going to LDAC that summer. If you are unsuccessful in attaining an appointment to the Class of 2017, you would commission as a 2nd Lieutenant and then continue on to a four year college that has an Rotc Battalion to complete your degree, serving as part of the Cadre at the Battalion. On graduation, your rank would be advanced to 1st Lieutenant and with three years time in service, your active duty pay would be about $18,000/ year more than a freshly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.

    Good Luck!

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    Your only route at this point is the Prep School. But you have a few problems. First your academic record is no where near close to a WP appointment. But that is what the Prep school is there for. Second, you don't sound very committed to service. Hard to overcome that. And lastly, you came here rather than doing a google search for West point Prep School. I want initiative, leadership and thought out of young officers. Can you measure up? Good luck!

    Source(s): 25 years active Army service (OCS)
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    What the good Major said .....

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