Question about getting into West Point?

Okay, so here is my situation. Basically I did average in High School (A's B's and C's). I never really did any extra curricular activities other than football freshman year. I scored 1750 on my SAT junior year, and then I applied to every military academy, and was turned down by all of them lol. So 2 months ago I enlisted into the army and am now wondering if there are any paths that I can take to get into West Point. I was talking to a guy who enlisted and did linguistics, and was then transferred to West Point, and from West Point to the USAFA. Also, I read something about a school called West Point prep school. How do I get into this? Is there any way I can request some sort of transfer into it after I go to basic?


Also, I am well aware that the odds of getting into any academy is slim. But it still seems worth a try to get into one, especially since I do not plan on making a career out of the military and would like an education, but I would still like to be an officer.

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    You can visit the United States Military Academy Prep School web site at the source link I posted below

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