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Can you make ice cream from wine?

I have one of those non-electric ice cream makers. It has an alluminum container you freeze and then pour the ice cream mix into it and stir. So today I decided to pour some sweet blackberry wine into it. It does not work at all. Looked it up, and sure enough, the freezing temperature of alcohol is -80 Celcius! There are commercial maker of wine ice cream though. What's the secret? Perhaps I should put the wine in the freezer, and then alcohol will separate? Will it break my (cilindrical, double-walled, non-air-tight) alluminum container though if I fail to get it off the freezer on time? Has anyone tried it at all?

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    Well, since wine will freeze all by itself in the freezer, it really should have set up all by itself during the hardening stage. But especially with that much wine in it (here's a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup of wine to 3 cups of cream) it may not set up in your ice cream freezer. So while it should have frozen eventually in the freezer, it wouldn't have great texture: the ice crystals will be too large because it froze without being stirred.

    So my first suggestion is to cut way back on the wine.

    My second suggestion would be to apply more cold to it, so that you can get more freezing done while applying the dasher. If you had an ice-and-rock-salt freezer, I'd suggest that you should run it for a while, then replace the ice and salt.

    Since you can't do that, I'd suggest that you take your aluminum container with your custard/wine mixture and stick that in the freezer long enough to chill it, perhaps stirring with a spoon every 10 minutes to break up the frozen parts on the outside and let the cold distribute evenly though the mixture.

    When the mixture reaches, say 35 degrees (which should be thicker but not frozen, so it won't hurt the texture) you can stick in the dasher and turn it on. That will aerate the mixture and break up the crystals. That will let you get it much closer to the freezing point before you have to stick it in the freezer to finish hardening.

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    You sure can make ice cream from wine. What exactly did you do? From the looks of your question, I gathered you just poured wine into the ice cream maker. If that is the case, then no, you will not be getting any ice cream soon. Add some frozen concentrated OJ or lemonade, and you will have a good 5% alcohol slushie, but no ice cream.

    In order to use wine as an ingredient, you will need to make ice cream according to the directions that came with your ice cream maker, but switch out 1/4-1/3 the liquid for wine. I have never personally tried that, but I have made quite a few batches with Guinness beer, and they have all turned out great.

    Another idea might just be to make a good ice cream that goes with your favorite bottle of wine. Ahh, grasshopper ripple.

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    My advice is, make Vanilla ice cream and just drizzle the wine over it.

    Wine will freeze since its only about 12% alcohol, it just takes a longer time an you might not have enough mass in your ice cream maker. You could put the wine in the freezer till its very cold that way it takes less heat transfer to freeze it. Bring it close to freezing then add it to your ice cream mix.

    If the wine freezes in the bottle its extremely likely to either break the bottle or push the cork out(had both happen before) so keep an eye on it.

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    You might be able to make a slushy out of it. I have frozen a bottle of wine or two so it is possible to freeze wine. Pour an inch into a 9' by 13' pan and put it in the freezer. Then take a fork and scrape it into slush.

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    My guess is that the 'wine-flavoured' ice-creams you've come across have been made up with a liqueur or with a flavouring (perhaps a distilled concentrate). You'd have too much water in proportion to the other stuff to make proper ice-cream - although you could try a sorbet, that might work.

    I've made some gorgeous ice-creams flavoured with Drambuie, Tia Maria, and the like, but wine? I don't think so.

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    I have no idea if it would be successful or not

    But you would have to add something to it that has a lower freezing point , like straight grape juice and it would probably turn out to be more like a sorbet because I'm not sure how great it would taste with dairy added to it

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    the alcohol will keep the ice cream from freezing, always. have you tried the 'non-alcoholic' wine ?

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    If you boil the wine you will evaporate the alcohol then it will freeze

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    water it down 8 : 1

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