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My teacher said you don't need self esteem to achieve your goals, how can I prove her wrong?

Links to something I can print out would be nice, but she said, for example, you can be determined and still achieve goals/don't need self esteem. How can I prove her wrong? Thanks.

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    I think I would ask her how she defines "self-esteem". Her definition and yours might be different. There is an interesting article about self-esteem and success on WIki.

    Go down to "criticism and controversy". Whether or not you believe the you need self-esteem to achieve your goals depends on what school of thought you choose to side with.

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    You can't. To prove her wrong you will have to show that there is someone with no self esteem and that that person can't achieve any goals. Presumably a person with "no self-esteem" who could accomplish "no goals" would be dead. He would not fulfill his goals of eating or drinking.

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    Tell your teacher, its called Self Efficacy---According to Cognitive behaviorism, an internal belief in our competence that predicts weather we initiate activities or persist in the face of failuers, and predicts the goals we set. Basically, as we travil through life, when self esteem is high, we take action towards our goals, when its low, we stagnate. Good luck.

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    Sorry, she is right! You develop self esteem while you are working towards your goals. No other way to get it!

    Source(s): If you work hard at something, college, school, whatever, you get engrossed in it and you grow and develop in mind, body, spirit and yes, self esteem!
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    look up diffrent famous people to prove your point

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    i quote office space. "it's not that I'm lazy, its that i don't care"

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