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Healthy Weight Loss For A Fifteen Year Old?

Get ready for a life story guys...

So, I've always been over-weight. Always. I'm going to be fifteen in june, and I'm already a large or an XL is stores like abercrombie, Aritzia, aeropostale, all those stores. My thighs are big and jiggly, my stomach, let's just say it could be a lot better, and my arms are flabby. I've tried to eat healthier and that lasts for about three days. I don't eat a lot of junk food, but you know, I could cut back. Whenever I try to talk to my mom about she just says, "You're perfect just the way you are. You're beautiful honey, you don't need to lose weight." But I'm not comfortable going to stores and going to the checkout with big sizes. I'm just not comfortable with myself. We don't have any money for a gym membership, or a home gym, so all the activity I would do, would have to be without any equipment. I also want to do it behind my mom's back, I don't want to, but that's just the way it is. So here's the shocker... I'm 145 pounds and I'm fourteen, I'm not obese (says my wii fit), but I'm not average, I'm overweight. And I hate it, I. HATE. IT. I don't want to be the girl in high school who is fat. You know? There's always that girl. So, are there anyways I could eat healthier, without asking my mom to buy all special dieting foods? Like, limiting portions and stuff? And some excersises I could do that would make me drop the weight on my legs, arms and stomach fast. Well, not like one month fast, because that's not healthy, but I'd like to be around 110, so i'd have to drop 35 POUNDS! Which is crazy hard, because my metabolism is slow. I'm sorry for rambling on about my life story, but I need help with eating habits and fitness workouts, without my mom knowing. THANKS A MILLION! :) love you guys on here!

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    1. excersice

    Its good to find some time to jog for at least 15-20 min. a day to get your heart pumping, its healthy and you'll be excersising not only your leg muscles, but also (well, of course) your heart.

    2. Sleep early at a regular time,

    It`s not good to sleep irregularly, when sleeping at a certain time like 10pm, then stick to it! Make sure not to change it to 12pm or 1pm. It`s good to sleep for at least 8-10 hrs, depending on your age. And DO NOT EAT RIGHT BEFORE YOU SLEEP, because that food will just be converted to fat and that brings us to the next one...

    3. Balancing what you eat

    What you are is what you eat, or something like that. It is true though, what you put in your body, is what will see or feel in a matter of time. Eat your daily recommended, fruits, wegetebles, meat, and dairy. Dont eat too much sweets or fast foods. Once in a while is fine, but everyday is not good.

    4. Have a balanced life style

    It`s all about balancing, everything from work time, family time, social or firends time, and me time or if your christiané have a religion that has something to do with worshipping God, a god or gods then add in God time.

    tip: just dont take any extreme diets because they may not even work and might even help you gain weight, instead of losing or it will work, but in the end, you might become bulimic and its just not healthy.

    and one more thing ;) - be proud of who you are, you know i havefriends who are like 200 or 210 pounds, but they dont care or give a crap but id like for them and people who are a little over weight to lose weight because its healthy, but dont put yourself down for it.

    Source(s): Massage therapist(s). Doctors and my experiences :). Im 14 too (:
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    Source(s): Drop 2 lbs fast with this...
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    uhmm first how tall are you ? Just askingg.

    I'm 14 too and what i reccomend is the healthy eating thing, but..i shouldn't have to be something you think about . It should be like your lifestyle choice. When you go grab an apple instead of some chips you should think "UGHHH HERE I GO AGAIN WITH THIS DIET". You should feel good about eating healthy. I also suggest jogging or going for a walk everyday.

    I just don't like the idea of this being a "diet" or anything "special". I mean okay its a CHANGE, but it's also something people should be doing from the start.

    Ask your doctor what a healthy weight for your height maybe, and work towards THAT.

    Because healthy is honestly, beautiful.

    So just make the changes starting now, little by little and you'll see a difference. If anyone asks it's NOT a diet, jsut a "healthier lifestyle". :)

    Source(s): Just my mind.
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    Eat healthier even tho it only lasts three days make your self eat a carrots and ranch ( love them) or celery and peanut butter but don't put a lot of peanut butter on them. Eat only one helping of food instead of going for the second and or third helping. work out on your wii fit for a set amount of time every day and run for a set amount of miles every day and increase it when it becomes easy for you. you can eat healthy with out having the special diet foods. treat your self every now and then but don't over do it when you do. have only two scoops of ice cream instead of four and only a minimum amount of topping don't load it up. you can eat all the same foods your eating now just limit how much you eat of it and drink more water than sodas or switch to diet sodas but look and see how much sodium they have in them. im 115 pound and i was 120 pounds all i did was watch i ate and how much i ate and i also would eat a yogurt for a snack instead of a candy bar or cookie. its so easy to control when you pay attention. hope this helps!

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    If you live in a safe neighborhood, try power walking. Each day, add a little more distance. It won't take long and you will be as fit as a fiddle. Give it a try and good luck.

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    walk before dinner and you ll cut calories and your appetite

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    Keep a food journal and weight yourself regularly to track your progress

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    savory umami ingredients such as mushrooms low sodium soy asparagus and olives can help you feel full and add an earthy home y quality to your healthy dishes

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    Its easier if you exercise with a friend. Join a gym with someone or just walk around your neighborhood. Or, if you live close to your school, you can walk back and forth.

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    save 85 calories just by swapping mustard for mayonnaise in a sandwich

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