What was the name of following Horror Short Film from 70's (I believe)?

This short film involves a mother, whom everyone believes is crazy. She insists that her newborn is trying to kill her, because it didn't want to leave the womb. It tries driving her crazy, and toasting her with a faulty electric blanket. Her doctor comes over to sedate her, and realizes (too late) that she isn't crazy.

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    The Ray Bradbury Theater (Eighties TV anthology series)

    "The Small Assassin" (episode)

    starring Cyril Cusack, Leigh Lawson, Susan Wooldridge

    IMDb synopsis:

    Alice delivers an unwanted child, and Doctor Jeffers is apprehensive with the situation. He has a private conversation with her husband, David, but he says that Alice will get used to the baby. When the family moves to their manor, Alice is frightened, telling them that the baby wants to kill her. She swears that she is not being paranoid and asks David to protect her. Furthermore, she says that the baby never cries in his presence, and David says that babies do not do things like that. When Doctor Jeffers pays a visit to the family, he is met with a dreadful surprise.

    Here's Part 1 on YouTube:


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    This story seems to have had a strong influence on the TV movie "Hush Little Baby" (2007), which you might find interesting.

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    that's appears like something i'd opt to confirm myself. I under no circumstances heard of the Hammer domicile of Horrors, yet you may examine the comments in this link. perhaps someone describes the movie you're talking about. i got here upon this remark, yet no longer particular if that's a similar movie you defined. "the domicile THAT BLED TO demise is between the most memorable episodes, and rightly so. i imagine this may have made a respectable characteristic-length movie. An apparently unsuspecting family individuals strikes right into a house with a grim modern-day previous and immediately do not forget that one and all isn't by using the undeniable fact that's going to be. a series of terrible incidents (animal fanatics could no longer even evaluate watching this episode) culminate contained in the notorious blood-soaked party and the family individuals strikes away, yet even that's no longer the top of their complications. This episode has between the most astounding and irritating very last scenes of the completed series and would make an astounding significant different piece to Romano Scavolini's NIGHTMARE (1981), released the following 3 hundred and sixty 5 days."

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