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Are ABEC 1 bearings good?

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    They could be great at a cheap price or they could be sluggish.

    ABEC numbers have nothing to do with speed but the lower numbers are more likely to have grease which will be slow for a while.

    ABEC is a rating for vibration in high speed equipment. Equivalent to over 200 mph on skates.

    The tighter tolerances of the upper numbers can actually cause them to be slightly slower.

    The company is a better indicator of quality than the ABEC number but most just buy them from the manufacturers on the open market and just put their name on them.

    The top companies (Bones, Zero Drag, Twin Cam) all work with specific suppliers who make good bearings and also have custom designs for their best bearings that violate the ABEC specs so that they roll better when skating.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    no.....there so slow compared to abec 7 what you using for...

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