What is the Cml survival rate?

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    The factors that influence the prognosis of patients include age,symptoms,type of leukemia,stage, clinical and laboratory indicators, response to drugs,size of the spleen/liver,general fitness of the patient,avoidance of the complications and many more.

    Each patient responds differently to the disease and the treatment that it is near-impossible for the doctor to give a correct estimate of the prognosis.

    Overall, treatment offers better chances for controlling the progress of CML are better.

    In recent years,the prognosis of CML patients has improved significantly due to quicker diagnosis,better mode of treatment involving bone marrow transplant and inerferons and also due to better supportive health care. The expected median survival of 3 years has increased to 5years or more while the 5-year survival rate of less than 20% has significantly increased to 50-60%.

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    Survival varies with a number of factors such as age, phase, and cytogenetics.


    Newer treatments have improved the survival for many CML patients.

    Here's some information to help you.





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