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Diet tips for a teenage?

Okay. So i'm 15 and i weigh about 160 pounds. That's pretty bad considering my age. And i think i'm in need of losing weight and being healthy about it. I want to be fit and i want to be healthy. I want to feel better about myself. I have tried eating healthy and for awhile i succeed. But lately, i've been slacking and eating more than ever. I hate doing that! I need to know some things about eating healthy, keeping my resistance high and shoving my temptations out the window. Also some exercising tips, even though i hate exercising. Thanks for reading! (:

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    Young adults are notorious for not getting proper teen diet and exercise. This is the main cause of child obesity in America and globally. The primary cause of overweight in teenagers is lack of exercise and poor eating habits. There are other factors that play significant roles in obesity such as genetics and society. Society has found a way of interfering with proper teen diet and exercise thanks to the lure of electronic devices that can be addictive and also fun. Video games, computers, and cell phones create a sedentary lifestyle that for many teens is hard to resist. As a matter of fact 43% of teenagers watch more than 2 hours of television per day. Generally while watching television they are consuming junk food that is nothing more than empty calories.

    For proper teen diet and exercise you have to set some ground rules that need to be followed.

    1. In order to reach goals and measure success you should start by following a height and weight chart. Pick an arranged day to check and record the height and weight results.

    2. Eat a balanced diet avoiding junk food at all costs. It's hard, but once you start, it'll get easier and easier, trust me.

    3. Get more exercise on a daily basis.

    4. Go to bed at the same time every day and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

    5. Finally, drink more water. 1 ounce per day per pound of body weight.

    Proper teen diet and exercise also has some rules not to break

    1. Don't attempt to lose more than 2 pounds per week. This is not fast weight loss.

    2. Don't try to lose weight by eating less and not exercising

    3. No Fast Food

    4. Don't miss any meals and eat slowly

    5. Keep your emotions under control. No emotional eating.

    If you follow the rules for proper teen diet and exercise as described above your success rate is greatly improved. A healthy diet should include plenty of fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Keep a supply of washed and sliced vegetables in the refrigerator readily available for a quick snack. Eat foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, low in fat, lean in protein, and cholesterol free. Limit sugary foods, salt, and refined grain products such as breads, pastas, and breakfast cereal that are not whole grain. Portion control is essential. One pound of fat is the equivalent to 3500 calories. Which is why physical activity is required for proper teen diet and exercise.

    Exercise doesn't have to be a hard core work out. Any form of exercise that promotes physical activity is good. Walking is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise that you can get and its the easiest to do. Whether its taking the dog for a walk or enjoying a stroll in the park - walking is good for you. 20-30 minutes of physical activity per day is recommended.

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    Hey, I'm 14 with the same problem, sorta.

    ~Please take your time with each tip don't rush into each step all at once this will almost ALWAYS set you up to fail~

    The tips I have would be to replace you unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks. Not all at once though. Try mixing in more fruit than chips next time you reach for the bag, or eat more than the typical 3 meals a day; have yourself at least 5-6 SMALL meals a day. A small is ONLY enough food to fill/satisfy your hunger, take as big a bite as you want, but try to eat it slowly like it would be the last thing you ate for the day. When you fill full STOP, Don't Continue, Don't Pass Go, or collect $200.

    Finally, try drinking water with each meal to get the daily amount.

    That's really all the easiest/basic tips I have. P.M. me for more.

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    Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. try cutting down on salted nuts. pistachios is very fattening and contains alot of calories. Your meal should be--- BREAKFAST, MORNING BREAK, LUNCH, AFTERNOON BREAK and DINNER. try to eat fruits during the morning and afternoon break. Eat a healthy six meals a day to keep your metabolism up. 6 SMALL meals not big ones. for example, for morning break, a piece of banana which contains only 90-100 calories and a glass of water. And for breakfast, A cup of cereal, 2 slices of wholewheat bread and a glass of milk. of course, when you're hungry, dont starve yourself. but serve yourself which a fruit, like grapes or strawberries. Grapes are very low in calories and fat. its a healthier choice. Good luck on your diet :)

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    sturdy im now no longer a teenage woman although i comprehend some concerns. Malt o meal and oatmeal are outstanding with chocolate chips they are going to protect you finished. sand witches are nicely for you and as long as you shop far flung from chips, snack cakes, and different junk food then interest more beneficial usually than no longer. and bypass to sleep early provided that should you shop up late you're going to harm your metabolism and sluggish down weight help. also power beverages caffeine and soda pop are all fairly fairly risky for you.

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    Jump rope for 15 minutes a day.Jump 3 rest 1 and keep going until you reach 15 minutes then just eat pretty much anything but half.Wannna cheeseburger?Eat half.Some chips?Eat half a handfull(:

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    walk to the mailbox instead of checking the mail from your car

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    get casual for 4 days a study shows that people take 491 more steps and burn 25 more calories on days they wear jeans to work

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    drink 3 cups of green tea in 24 hours researchers say it can increase energy expenditure by 106 calories

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    think ahead to how youll eat and exercise on the weekends its easy to get too relaxed on saturdays and sundays but healthy living is a 7 day a week endeavor

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