how to be legally emancipated in the state of maryland?

Okay, so im 17 and live in Maryland. I have a close friend whos parents are interested in legally providing care and housing for me. My parents are okay with the idea, but my parents said if i really want to live with them i need to make it happen. So i need help finding a site with information of where and how to get information on being either legally emancipated or for them to somehow become my legal gaurdians. Thanks!

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    You can never get emancipated to go live in someone else's home. To be emancipated you have to prove that you are 100% financially self sufficient.

    This couple needs to file a third party guardianship petition in family court. If your parents are in agreement, there will be no problem getting a judge to sign the order. To find the information, you could Google "third party guardianship petition maryland." You can also go to your state court's website. (Most state's have the necessary forms on line for family law/domestic matters.)

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    Not going to happen. First, Maryland does not have a statute on emancipation. Therefore, even with parental consent, it will not happen. And if it could, you would have to have the means to live on your own, not rely on living with someone else. However, you will be considered emancipated when you turn 18. So all you need to do is wait until then.

    If your parents are OK with it, you can look into having the other family gain custody of you. Your parent and them should consult a lawyer on how to have this happen.


    Q: "At what age is an individual considered emancipated? Can I petition a court to become emancipated?"

    A: Article 1, 1 24, of the Maryland Annotated Code provides that the age of majority is 18, and that a person reaching that age is an adult for all purposes, except when specifically provided otherwise by statute. Unlike some other states (like California), Maryland does not have a youth emancipation act. There are some instances in which a Maryland youth may become emancipated. For example, § 2-301 of the Family Law Article permits the emancipation of a minor by marriage. That means that the child is freed from the control of the parents, and the parents are free from the duty to support the child. Emancipation by marriage does not free the child from the legal disabilities (voting, drinking, ability to enter into contracts, etc) imposed on minors unless a statute specifically says so. A minor who is married has the same capacity as an adult to consent to medical treatment or to hold title to property as a tenant by the entireties with a spouse who has reached the age of majority.

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    You don't want to be emancipated, this is essentially a divorce from your parents, you would need proof in a court of law that your parents are unsuitable aka, abusive, neglectful and/or proof that you could sustain yourself without them and no this does not mean moving in with some other family who have no connection to you legally. In order for them to become your legal guardians they would have to adopt you which would be a lengthly procedure and would mean your parents signing over thier legal rights as parents and you would also need a legitamate reason for it. They would need to be bad parents really. They would also have a period where you had constant social worker visits and supervised contact.

    Just move in with them, theres no need for you to legally remove yourself from your parents care if they are okay with it.

    Source(s): My own experience.
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    you have to be fully self supporting have your own place to live meet expenses on your own and as long as parents are still alive you cant have a legal guardian

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