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In your opinion, What is the best concealer makeup and why?

I'm in search for some good brands that really cover and leave your skin looking AWESOME and smooth!

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    Okay i dont know how much it was but i got it for free since the manufactures defected the package, i figured why not? i try it. Its call COVERGILR & OLAY Simply Ageless foundation. I loved it sooooo much! It has like swirls of this cream stuff in it that make it go on the way it does. But i highly recommend it!!

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    You can consider Coastal Scents Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette.

    * 10 Concealers

    * Can be used by all ages and skin tones

    * Cream concealers

    * Very blendable

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    Personally I have used Mary Kay products since I was 16. I use the concealer, foundation, and mineral pressed powder since they match your skin color to the foundation it makes it look flawless. All my friends buy their make up at the mall but they always compliment how my face looks clean and flawless.

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    I use Almay because their concealer goes on white and adjusts to your natural skin color, so you dont have to spend as much time trying to blend. But it still does a pretty good job of covering your imperfections.

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