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What does it mean to double in blackjack?

Does it mean your doubling the stakes that you next move will cause you overall hand to beat the dealers??

Does anyone know any good blackjack strategy websites? Going to vegas on friday.

Also whats your fav casino in vegas?

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    Doubling in blackjack is to add additional money to your initial bet on the terms that you are dealt one, and only one more card, you will receive no additional cards after doubling. You can double for UPTO the amount of your initial bet.

    Doubling down is beneficial to the player and is key to lowering the house edge in blackjack. Failure to double down or split when it is beneficial to do so results in the player losing more money over time. is a great site to learn about blackjack.

    The downtown casinos are the most fun. but avoid 6:5 tables in the party pits which are common downtown. Elcortez has some good bj downtown.

    My fav casinos are circus circus, el cortez, and mandalay bay for a variety of reasons.

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    Blackjack Double Down

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    Double Down Blackjack

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    Double Down is the term for increasing your bet (up to double your original wager) after you see your first 2 cards. This is usually only done when your first 2 cards are between 8 and 11, or you have a soft hand, meaning an ace and another card. This is usually best done against a dealer's bust card. But, if you want to play more aggressively, you can also double on a 10 for example against a dealer's 7 or 8, hoping to get a 10/face as your next card. It's a little more risky than doubling against a bust card but it can also pay-off.

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    To Double is to "double down," which means doubling your bet in Blackjack. When you double down you get exactly one more card and that's it. Typically, players double their bets when they have 11 (and occasionally 9 or 10 when the dealer's card makes a win likely.)

    Hey, if you're getting ready to head to Vegas, you need to practice so you understand the game better. Here's a free blackjack game you can play online with no downloads or registration required. It's 100% free and you play in your internet browser:

    Also, my favorite Vegas casino is the Bellagio. It's as beautiful as the day it opened and it's classy but fun.

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    Easy Money Blackjack System!

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    Most Casino's in Las Vegas will let you double your initial bet at anytime, this depends on the particular tables rules. All you do is, put out the exact same or less amount of your initial bet and you receive one card. If you win, you will receive everything you wagered. Double down is the best way to increase your odds. Make sure you go to during or after your trip and let them know how you did on your trip. It is a new website that is asking people to tell there gambling stories. You should have some good one's after this weekend.

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    Don't play blackjack if you don't even know what doubling is.

    You get 2 cards in blackjack, double down means you double your bet, and you get ONLY one more card. Usually this is done when you have 10 or 11, and that one more card is more likely to give you a winning hand...

    But seriously, if you don't know, don't play.

    And I like the as a site for information.

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    You should by a black jack odds card available at most casino gift shops. I only costs about $2 and you can keep it on the table with you. It tells you what you should do.

    You can also ask the dealers. They are actually very helpful if you are learning out to play.

    The reason why you can have the card, or ask the dealers, is because even if you play a perfect game, the house has a 3% edge.

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