How to delete a Badoo account?

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I was on Facebook and I by an accident click on Badoo. Now I have random people wanting to me and talk to me. How do I delete it without having to delete my Facebook account? Could more
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.✪-.-❛deleтe a вadoo accoυnт❜

●clιcĸ ❛ѕιgn ιn❜ aт тнe тop rιgнт-нand ѕιde.

●enтer ιn yoυr e-мaιl addreѕѕ and paѕѕword.

●clιcĸ ❛leт мe ιn!❜ тo log on тo тнe вadoo ѕιтe.

●clιcĸ on тнe ❛aвoυт вadoo❜ lιnĸ acroѕѕ тнe вoттoм
oғ yoυr proғιle тo вe тaĸen тo coмpany ιnғorмaтιon.

●on тнe leғт-нand ѕcreen, clιcĸ ❛conтacт υѕ❜.

●тнen coмpleтe тнe ғorм тo leт тнeм ĸnow yoυ wanт тo deleтe yoυr accoυnт.

.✪-.-❛deleтe yoυr вadoo accoυnт мanυally.❜

●wнιle ѕтιll logged ιn, clιcĸ on ❛ѕeттιngѕ❜ locaтed aт тнe тop вar oғ тнe ѕcreen.

●once yoυ reacн тнe ❛proғιle ѕeттιngѕ❜ page, looĸ тo тнe leғт-нand ѕιde,
тнen clιcĸ on ❛deleтe❜.

●тype ιn yoυr ιnғorмaтιon.

●тo deleтe yoυr вadoo accoυnт, enтer yoυr paѕѕword,
and ιn тнe oтнer вoх, eхplaιn wнy yoυ нave decιded тo leave тнe ѕιтe.

●clιcĸ on тнe ❛conғιrмaтιon❜вυттon.

●yoυ´ll receιve a мeѕѕage page conғιrмιng yoυr reqυeѕт waѕ ѕυcceѕѕғυlly coмpleтed.

●cнecĸ yoυr ιnвoх or ѕpaм ғolder.
a conғιrмaтιon e-мaιl ιѕ ѕenт тo yoυr e-мaιl addreѕѕ on ғιle.
(a recover lιnĸ ιѕ ιnclυded ιn тнe e-мaιl.
ѕнoυld yoυ cнange yoυr мιnd aвoυт deleтιng yoυr accoυnт,
yoυ нave ѕeven dayѕ тo clιcĸ on тнιѕ lιnĸ and recover yoυr ιnғorмaтιon).

Ӈave a greaт day!!!!
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  • Max answered 3 years ago
    Hi friend,
    Go to
    on top right corner click settings,
    on the left side, click delete profile,
    at the bottom, click continue deleting,
    enter your password and leave a message if you want and click delete.

    Usualy badoo sign in along your Facebook but will not recognize
    your Facebook password. On the same page top right corner
    "sign out" and "sign In" again, tipe your e-mail used on
    Facebook and click on FORGOT PASSWORD , Badoo will
    send you a link to create a new password and then you can
    use the first steps and delete your BADOO.

    Good luck!


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  • Fantasticat answered 1 month ago
    hi my bf has a badoo account and forgot his password.. even if he tried to reset it by clicking forgot password, badoo dont send a reset link... what should we do?
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  • biodun answered 2 months ago
    I want to delete wrong picture posted on my badoo account
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  • MiG Hound answered 3 months ago
    The issue is, I never signed up for a Badoo account, however it had a pic of me pulled from elsewhere on the net, most likely the now defunct Multiply Social site... and a nice little profile for me, all set up nice.... red flags Everywhere!! Now, in order to cancel the account, the site requires you to input your email provider Password... and I think that's the real trick, here. Should I comply with this action, I am opening myself up to some serious trouble. NEVER give out your password, for any reason. Take it from Admiral Akbar... It's a Trap!!
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  • Cindy Kosis answered 3 months ago
    I never ever joined badoo. I google something and my name comes up with my age and where I live. I want this off and gone. How do I go about removing it.
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  • Assos answered 3 months ago
    i dont like any more
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  • Pamela answered 4 months ago would like to delete my Badoo website now. Thank you.
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  • Prince Fred answered 5 months ago
    how do delete my account from badoo
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  • Orlando answered 6 months ago
    Please , get me out of Badoo, l no longer need this service, and please send back the monny from my account.Than you.
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