Why are cancer cells "immortal"?

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  • 9 years ago
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    HeLa cells are the classic case of immortal malignant cell clones.


    Most cancer cell clones die when their host patient dies of the disease.

    As with all cells, they need oxygen and nutrients supplied by circulating blood in the host,

    or they need support in a laboratory environment as with HeLa cells.

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    3 years ago

    Which Cells Are Considered Immortal

  • 9 years ago


    But the many laboratories & foundations with the stated goal of "curing cancer" may wish they where IMMORTAL.

    WHY has the system spawned bureaucracy(s) that have as a stated goal "curing cancer"

    with the certain knowledge that if there really was an effective CURE for cancer, these laboratories would have to find something else to do, or dismiss mass numbers of Doctors & Technicians.

    The Modern Bureaucracy has become a CANCER and it has as its top priority, staying alive.

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    4 years ago

    Not really, not effectively. Ecstasy is a dangerous drug. It's use as a recreational waste of time has led to it falling from grace as a psychotherapy aid. As it is, E has limited ability to kill cancer and the structure needs to be enhanced to make new drug types. That would mean that it wouldn't be ecstasy any more. It will be a new drug that is related to MDMA, but not the same. I have no real objection to the article, as it is highlighting current research. The only danger is people not really reading it properly and jumping to the conclusion that taking that junk is safe.

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    They are not. It appears that studies suggest that milkweed can cure skin cancer and Ohio State University is making headway on curing pancreatic cancer. type kill cancer cells in your search engine and many articles come up.

    Edit to previous question concerning AD. I play scrabble and Text Twist by myself. I would think those would be better choices for her as they might work her mind more than the search and destroy. I am relieved they found Alan.

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  • Susag
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    9 years ago

    cancer is effected on genetics not on particular part where it got infected..we can remove the cells that are formed..but the genes keep on producing them..so..their role is immortal..

    i don't think we found any medicine that can change our genetic system..is there anything?

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    3 years ago

    it depends...

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