Does anyone know about marinello school of beauty im thinking of the cosmetology course, any tips?

if anyone has attended, im really wondering what u get in the kit..and also im really interested in the make up part, does it go into detail in that area?..any help on the subject will help thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just a word to the wise that Marinello is one of those private overly priced For-profit beauty/tech schools. Please forgo those private $$ for-profit beauty/tech schools which also includes 'paul mitchell, the school', 'aveda institute', 'toni guy', 'empire beauty', 'regency' and others as they are merely out to "make a profit". Those school recruiters or representatives from those private expensive beauty/tech schools are actually Sales Reps who get a bonus for each student that signs up with the school.

    Please instead consider the more affordable County Vocational school (or local Community College) as long as the program is licensed by the state board of cosmetology. A person can then take continuing education classes which are required, anyway, in order to keep one's license up-to-date.

    These consumer sites have negative posts by former students about those private for-profit beauty/tech schools, and please heed the students' warnings:




    - and can search.

    For general career info: and can search 'barbers and cosmetologists' or such.

    U.S. colleges:

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