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Edge says he plans to retire when his current contract with the Wwe expires. Who should he face at WM 27? BQ's?

WQ:) Edge (Adam Copeland) says that he's burnt out with all of the travel

scheduled and plans to retire when his contract expires according to him

he will not re-sign a new contract. 2 years was what he told a reporter the

length of time he would remain a active wrestler now with all of the injuries

being more injury prone retirement might happen sooner than that thoughts?

BQ:) With Vinnie Mac (Mr. Vince McMahon) being able to work his "Magic" at

Wrestlemania 24 and get Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. to fight with the Big

Show in a special sparring match session at Wrestlemania 24 in 2008 can hd

work the same "magic" and get Brock Lesnar to fight the Undertaker this year

at Wrestlemania 27? Would you like to see the streak match happen this year?

BQ2:) Is Evan Air Bourne (Matt Sydal) a future Wwe Intercontinental Champion?

Thank you to all who participate answer all three questions for the 10 points.

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Update 2:

@ Julius Cesar: This is the first time I've asked this question bro. I never

keep asking the same questions over and over again. McMahon's is rich

a Billionaire if he pays Dana White and the UFC the right money I'm sure

for the right price they could have Brock Lesnar appear for that match if

you been keeping up with Smackdown "The Core" is a Face stable I just

don't see Barrett being a credible opponent for the Undertaker. I'm a fan

of all kinds of wrestling Wwe Tna, Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate U.S.A.

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    I know that Edge said that he would be retiring before or by the age of 40 and it may be sooner than later because of the injury (s) to his body that he has been getting lately. I went back and forth on really who he should fight on the Grandest Stage of them all and no only perform a worthy match up but an match that we should be talking about for years to come because honestly that would be what Edge deserves. Whether he is the Rated R Superstar....Edge has provided us with great memories to remember and though most do come from the innovations of TLC, with the Hardy Boyz...who would be the one to bring a match to that caliber with Edge at WM 27? If WWE plans to bring forth a new generation of young Superstars to the forefront...I thought that an Edge vs. the supposed chosen one, Drew McIntyre might be a great match to see; another one might be Edge vs. Swagger or even Edge vs. Alberto Del Del Rio match at that level be something that even the one with destiny could pull off but any of these match up would change their outlook on any of their careers but should Edge be the one to do it. There is one though that would bring something like that to maybe the most memorable match for WM 27 or even quite possible the entire year and that person would be Christain....the perfect return for him would be at the Royal Rumble and win to go on and face his brother for the World Heavyweight Title.....if he cannot return in time most defiantly is should be a match at TLC PPV. If it is to be the last one...we all should get our cameras ready because it would be something more memorable and talk about until Edge gets inducted in the Hall of Fame and many years thereafter.

    BQ: Of course who wouldn't want to see a streak match at WM 27. Yeah it would be a match of epic proportions to speak of if Lesner v. Undertaker in today's day and age on any level truly. We know Vince could pay any amount to get the match up done if Lesner does not have a match of his own to prepare for. I would Lesner to want to do something like this and Undertaker to agree to it. But it has been reported that Undertaker would be out for months to come. I wouldn't want him, though I know he is on the latter part to retirement soon to do this and he is not physically up to it and it the sparring or exhibition match doesn't come off as planned. If Undertaker is back to 100% and both are will participates...this could be the one for Undertaker to go out on and have no more steak matches.

    BQ2: Evan Bourne should defiantly when he returns be on the title hunt for an IC Championship. Evan has flown higher and taken some daredevil leaps in his matches. Though he has lost some tough ones....especially the one when Randy Orton pulls him down from his finisher into an RKO..the main thing is that I still can't get his finisher out of my mine. Evan should be able to hold the IC Championship many times over in his quest for the World Heavyweight Title. Some may say no but he could many years to come...a wrestler once said that if you are in pro-wrestling and you do not want to hold the Heavyweight Title at one time in your career that you shouldn't be in Pro-Wrestling and with talent as what Evan showns in his matches besides day in the future I can see him holding that title too.

    Source(s): La. Southern Gal w/ 30+ yrs wrestling fan
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    Edge should face Christian at Wrestlemania 27.

    This would be a great match with a great feud to go along with it. Edge and Christian can make the feud work. They have lots of history and chemistry with each other. It shouldn't even be a regular match. It should be a TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship.Not only is it a great Wresttlemania match,it would also help the buyrates.This really benefits Christian aswell;this match can finally make him a maineventer in WWE.

    BQ- I heard that Vince McMahon wanted to bring back Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania 27,but Dana White didn't want that.

    I do want The Undertaker(streak match) to happen this year,because that is one of the most important things about Wrestlemania.

    BQ2- I'm not sure. That's because WWE only uses him as a jobber;not even a midcarder. I do want him to win atleast the tag team title,U.S. title,or the Intercontinental championship;but the way the WWE is using him I just don't see it happening.

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    Last year when Edge returned he said he would wrestle for another 2 years, now we are in 2011, so one year left for Edge. Edge should face Christian at WM 27 and should have his retirement against Christian. Well it's not that he should but it would be cool since they are best friends.

    Dana White said he has met Vinnie Mac a few times already, the first time they met was in June 2008. Dana White will not allow Lesnar to have a match at WrestleMania, especially if it's against Taker.

    Evan Bourne is in my opinion a future United States Champion which is the same thing basically. I think he will be the one to defeat Daniel Bryan for the title.

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    Edge vs. Christian in a TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship should definitely happen but if Christian is still out by then, I think him and CM Punk would be a good match.

    BQ: Idk, i don't know how it was like when Vince tried to get Mayweather to face Big Show, but i've read about Dana White not wanting Brock Lesnar to be at Mania. Would I like to see it happen? Definitely but there would need to be some build to the match obviously.

    BQ2: Yeah, or United States but I think WWE needs to push Bourne to main event status this year he did a good job last year in the main event scene so you'll never know. If anything, if he's at WM he would be my pick to win Money in the Bank then probably become WWE or World Champion by the end of the year.

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  • Alberto Del Rio would be a great choice.

    I'm getting tired of people asking this question. UFC President Dana White has stated in every interview that Brock Lesnar is under contract to The Ultimate Fighting Championship and would not be participating in anything or work for or work with World Wrestling Entertainment. I don't know how much clearer he has to make this. Are WWE Wrestling Fans that hardheaded that they refuse to understand what Mr. White is saying?

    I can see Evan Bourne sometime in the future winning either the United State Heavyweight Title or The WWE Intercontinental Title or possibly both at differentt times in his career.

  • wq: if he wants to retire that's his choice he's been part of the wwe for

    almost 14 years and he's already a 10 time wwe/world champion if he

    is going to retire this year i would like to see him face john morrison at

    wrestlemania 26 or his brother kayfabe brother christian this year.

    bq: i think that's a possibility because wade barret's stable the core is

    a face stable on smackdown at least thats what i think cm punk's new

    nexus are heels and the core stable are faces so, it would make sense

    to match him up with the undertaker at wrestlemania 27 brock lesnar's

    would be a much better opponent since he didn't match up with cena.

    bq2: i think so if he gets drafted to smackdown in the 2011 wwe draft.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Would love to see Edge/Christian, there friends in real life, and with there history as a tag team would be a great last match

    Lesnar isn't coming, he's the UFC cash cow and they no way they let him go

    Bourne should be, but it's not going to happen, actually see him being cut this year, WWE just doesn't seem interested in pushing him.

  • Well to be honest if Edge left at his current i would not really miss him because this new face Edge SUCKS.Edge needs to be heel.

    BQ-No,because Lesnar said himself he can't stand The Undertaker in real life.The Undertaker is gonna face Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania 27

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    Simple Answer...Christian simply because

    both guys are best friends inside the ring and outside they both grew up together from elementary all the way to becoming wwe tag champs i dont think of a greater match to make edge happier and put his legendary career to rest.

  • 10 years ago

    Alberto Del Rio

    BQ: No, Brock Lesner said that it was just rumours.

    BQ2: Hopefully

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