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Will Alex Rodriguez be in the Hall of Fame?

In my opinion, he deserves to be, and i would vote for him. Steroids or not, he still would've put up HoF numbers. In the last few years since he was caught, he still hit 30 homeruns, and he's past his prime. So I think he still would've had HoF numbers without the steroids.

And I appreciate that he didn't fight or try to lie when he was accused. He came clean and apologized. It may take a few ballots, but i think baseball can forgive him.

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    He's a cheater, he wouldn't be this good w/o steroids. He took them in high school and the bigs, so nobody can make the argument he was just as good w/o them.

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    in my opinion, anyone who has tested positive or is caught with steroids should not be allowed in the hall. and right now most of the voters seem to think that to but you dont know what they will think in 9 or 10 years. People who used steroids ruined the game by tainting the record books. 73 home runs in a season is rediculous, a record should be something that is possible to break, not impossible. Ever since the steroid era ended nobody has even come close to the power there was during that era. It also ruined the hall of fame ballots because people that were good during that era like jeff bagwell that deserve to be in the hall might not because of the suspicion of steroids even though he never tested positive, bagwell will get in though

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    i think of he will. because of the fact the aggressive point absolutely everyone performed at throughout the steroid era replaced into even among those employing them, cuz there have been maximum of. nonetheless, its greater with regard to the eyes and reflexes that make a solid hitter, no longer the steroids, cuz if u subtract the three years A-Rod did the roids from his profession thoroughly, he can nonetheless finally end up with a sparkling entire of 756+ living house runs. Plus i do think of the full steroid era is death down the place noone cares anymore if a participant did the drug. yet while they are permitting steroid consumers to be on the HoF poll (Mark McGwire, and whoever is next) they might desire to furnish solid ol' Pete Rose a huge gamble. he's the main unforgiven guy in background, its sickening, he belongs lower back in baseball.

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    no one gets to play steroids or not, thank goodness. the answer=no steroids. the last that i knew, Alex-Rod was available in 2012, on a Baseball Hall of Fame List, and that is a "because of drugs list". i haven't found that list in a long time. that is all that i can say.

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    I would not vote for steroid users becauseb I don't think that the benefits end when the usage ends. You can maintain that extra muscle masss that was illegally acquired and continue to benefit, as the Roidster does. Yeah, it does take work, but it is maintaining, not building.

    It's kind of like stealing a car. Waxing it every day keeps it looking beautiful, but it's still stolen.

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    Steroids = cheating, and way too many people play the game fair for a cheater to be allowed in it.

    Yes, Alex Rodriguez DID lie about taking steroids, he didn't come clean like you said he did.


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  • Fungo
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    9 years ago

    A-Rod will play at least 4 more years and another 5 year wait after retirement. No one knows the attitutude of the real voters 9+ years from now - whether or not you would vote for him

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He will, even with the steroid history.

    In my opinion Bonds and all the other "roid heads" will because otherwise, a whole generation would be lost in the Hall of Fame. So the Hall will be forced to vote them in.

    I really like A-Rod, I think he'll get in.

  • 9 years ago

    Out of all the players who have admitted/been shown to using steroids, I think A-Rod possibly has the best chance out of all of them of being admitted to the Hall of Fame.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Only pepole that would vote for him are Yankees fans that turn there head for there own players and lie and cheat

    He will never get in he was on roids.

    I also think your a biased yankee fan

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