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Movies: Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner or Peter Boyle as Frank Barone?

Two great characters from two of my favorite comedy shows. I love both but Jerry Stiller cracks me up man.

BQ: What movie released in 2010 do you think you will have ultimately watched the most in your lifetime?

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    Oh man. Tough. Tough. Peter boyle is a philly guy but dam I gotta go Jerry Stiller he friken rips man. Gets all fired up. Frank costanza basically lol awesome. Just awesome

    Bq- well I think Inception. I watched it with my mom (4th time) she loved it. My dad was talkin sh't sayin he wouldn't like it. Watched with him (5th time) he loved it. So its already got a head start.

    Raymond- " hey dad whats up?"

    frank- * unzips pants* " pass me them chips, that's whats up"


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    Boyle and Stiller.

    Casting coups.

    Those shows were lucky to have those guys.

    I give "Raymond" major credit for casting incredible actors around Ray Romano. Doris Roberts was amazing.

    Wouldn't it have been fun to have Arthur Spooner meet Frank Barone?

    'I HATE YOU!".... "Holy CRAP!"

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    I enjoyed him on "all of us Loves Raymond". i presumed him, Doris Roberts & Brad Garrett have been the terrific! THEY made the tutor! :o) the way he might make his comments whilst protecting a at present face made him funnier. i became saddened by way of his passing. seventy one particularly wasn't previous previous in case you think approximately multiple human beings stay till ultimately their interior the eighty's. confident, I enjoyed Peter Boyle in "youthful Frankenstein" additionally. Him & Gene Wilder are authentic comedians w/o getting nasty. God Bless The Boyle family contributors! might he relax in peace & save the angels giggling. :o)

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    Neither of those are movies.

    BQ: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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