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Why aren't all peanuts produced "allergen free" if the info at the end of this article is true?

Apparently, it's EASIER to produce those? Hmm.

"Allergen-free peanuts On July 20, 2007, the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University announced that one of its scientists, Dr. Mohamed Ahmedna, had developed a process to make allergen-free peanuts. Initial testing showed a 100 percent deactivation of peanut allergens in whole roasted kernels, and human serums from severely allergic individuals showed no reaction when exposed to the processed peanuts. Food companies have expressed an interest in licensing the process, which purportedly does not degrade the taste or quality of treated peanuts, and even results in easier processing to use as an ingredient in food products."


True, but I've eaten allergen free peanut products, to see if I'd have severe anaphylaxis. I was fine. I've also been slowly reintroducing real peanut products into my diet, and it seems as long as it is prepared a certain way, I'm mostly alright. It's a great source of iron....

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    People lie on the internet.

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