This is for nonChristians. Why don't you believe in the Christian faith? I'm just curious. ?

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    9 years ago
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    I don't believe that God would become human.

    I don't believe that God would punish non-believers with eternal torment.

    I believe that many of the laws found in the Hebrew Bible are still applicable today.

    “…without laws, and without enforcement of them, we fallible creatures wouldn't function very well at all. In fact, we would likely tear each other apart. Where anarchy reigns, justice doesn't.” Rabbi Samuel Cohon

    "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -- Mahatma Gandhi

    "Whoever is kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind." Midrash

    Twenty centuries of Christian love have made Jews a very nervous people.

    According to the Christian doctrine of original sin, until Jesus, atonement for sins could only be received through a blood atonement offering at the altar of the Jerusalem Temple. Those (Jews and all Gentiles) who could not avail themselves of the atonement granted at the Jerusalem Temple's altar died by this sin, consigned to eternal punishment with no means of achieving atonement and heavenly blessings. Following Jesus' death, it is claimed, neither Jew nor Gentile could receive forgiveness of their sins without belief in him as savior from sin. Indeed, if what Christianity says is true billions of people since then have also suffered the same fate, unaware of Jesus as their "savior" or that there was even a need to be "saved." According to this rationalization, God created humankind with free will and the ability to sin then demanded superlative perfection from this imperfect being that He created. Then God took on the guise of humanity in the form of Jesus in order to rescue His imperfect creation. But, in the process consigned billions of lost souls before and after the advent of Jesus to eternal punishment for not knowing of Jesus and accepting the "grace" he allegedly provided. Billions of people, Christian doctrine teaches, have gone to eternal damnation for not accepting what they did not know about!

    Some Christian commentators explain, "he [Jesus] went and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison" (1 Peter 3:19) as meaning that Jesus, between his death and supposed resurrection, descended into Hell and offered to those who lived before Noah (verse 20) a second chance for salvation. But, this is a doctrine that is without even New Testament support. The eternal damnation of billions of men, women, and children who whether living before or after Jesus never heard of the claim that there is no forgiveness of sin outside of belief in Jesus is the summation of the Christian doctrines of original sin. Is this the Christian understanding of a just and righteous God who is also compassionate?

    Jews do not believe in the doctrine of original sin. This is a Christian belief based on Paul's statement, "Therefore just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned" (Romans 5:12). The doctrine was fully developed by the church father, Augustine of Hippo (354-430).

    According to this doctrine, hereditary sinfulness is inescapably transmitted to human beings by their parents, starting with Adam and Eve. It is alleged that only acceptance of Jesus as savior from sin can redeem a person from sin. All those who do not accept Jesus as their savior from sin are condemned to eternal suffering in hell.

    Whether man is a sinner by nature or not is immaterial. Judaism teaches the biblical way to repentance and reconciliation with God. Sincere repentance in which the sinner pledges to rectify his sinful ways and lead a righteous life is one means that is open at all times to all of humanity (Jonah 3:5-10, Daniel 4:27). God counsels Cain, "Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen? If you do good [that is, change your ways], will it not be lifted up [that is, you will be forgiven]. But if you do not do good, sin rests at the door; and it desires you, but you may rule over it" (Genesis 4:6-7). God informs Cain that repentance and subsequent forgiveness are always open to him. The remedy for sin is clear. Biblically, God's loving-kindness depends on right conduct and extends to all humanity.

    Enough? I have much more, but space doesn't allow for it.


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    I believe in the possibility of there being some form of a higher power; however, I also believe that whatever higher power exists no longer has any concern or power over our daily affairs. The main reason I don't consider myself a member of the Christian faith is that there are too many contradictions. People praise god yet do not damn him; some people talk about free will then go on to talk about "miracles" and "god's plan", both of which invalidate the concept of free will. People say that god is all-knowing yet pray to him anyways (if he's all-knowing, he should know your desires, wishes, willingness to be forgiven, etc.). People claim for God to be all-loving then claim that all homosexuals and sexual deviants will burn in the fires of hell.

    Really, it's not the faith that I don't believe in persay, it's more like I just don't want to be associated with the faith's fan club.

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    I find its concepts very peculiar. I just can't accept the notion of a human being who is also G-d, I don't see what on earth all this business about 'dying for our sins' can possibly mean (how does someone suffering an horrific death make any difference to my wrongdoing? Why can't I deal with it direclty with G-d?). I don't like the heavy emphasis on sexual 'sin', on being passive and suffering in this life in order to get a 'reward' in the next life.

    I'm quite happy for other people to be Christians and indeed there are people - both friends and well-known figures - whose Christianity has been clearly a guiding light in great things. But it's not for me.

    EDIT: I wonder why you don't believe in Judaism? In Islam? In Jainism?

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    9 years ago

    Along with the reasons most others will give, it is because of the actions and statements of many people of the christian faith. You will likely see what I am talking about in the christian responses to this question.

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    9 years ago

    Because it never made any sense to me, but I told you something my father is an atheist now and he was catholic then he started going to all religions and later he found Judaism but never converted, My mom well she is secular Jew ( She didnt convert to any other religion but she stop practicing when I was 15, Also Christianity have a lot of prohibitions Orthodox too, that why I moved to Reform Judaism and I love it <3

    Source(s): Jewish Girl & My Parents divorce when I was 15
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    9 years ago

    I dont believe that the world could have reached a population of over 6 billion people now, being that pregnancy last 9 months, if we were descended from 2 beings nearly 2000 years ago.

  • 9 years ago

    Read anything by Bart Ehrman PhD.

    Verily I say unto thee, the Jesus story is a myth.

    Rev. Neil

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    9 years ago

    answer: I found no answers or truths FOR MYSELF in Christianity. I do not believe G-d required sacrifices and repentance from ancient Jews and then changed His mind on whether He could become human or not and required Himself to be sacrificed to Himself to save everyone from a non-existent hell.

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    9 years ago

    It is almost comical.. if it wasn't because people had gotten used to it, claiming faith in an ancient desert fairytale with that advocates marrying your rapist, talking animals, a jewish zombie, his virgin mom and invisible sky daddy who claims moral high ground but at the same time is responsible for the death of millions including infanticide, splitting pregnant women open, enciting violence etc... it would be completely absurd.

  • 9 years ago

    No historical proof. And the whole idea of a human blood sacrifice to forgive sins doesn't make sense to me.

  • 9 years ago

    Because there is absolutely no reason to believe in god. Not only that, your religion threatens people with eternal hell if they do not start believing the nonsense. It's a cruel way to gain control of and create stupid people.

    I have no system of belief, thank god my honesty is intact.

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