Pre Calculus vs AP Calculus AB?

I'm a sophomore and I dont know what to take next year. Right now, Im in Algebra 2/Trig Honors and I have a 98 average. My overall average is a 98 as well and I want to know if thats enough to do well in AP Calculus AB or should I go to Pre Calculus Honors??????


By The Way, What is the difference between Pre Calculus and AP Calculus AB? Are they the same but one is more work or are they completely different and Pre Calculus is necessary to suceed in AP Calculus AB

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    9 years ago
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    Hey! I was in your situation last year. AP Calc AB would be curved (1.1), but I would take Pre Calc. Im in AB now and the concepts that were using were taught in Pre Calc. The stuff just goes further. I mean , it might be possible for you to learn it all very quickly if youre intelligent , but I wouldnt go for it. You can take AB when youre a senior.

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  • I'd take AP Calculus AB, but only if you feel you can learn the extra content.

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