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Stocks picks for growth and dividend in 2011, and the coming years?

Stocks picks for growth and dividend in 2011, and the coming years?

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    although i don't own any of these, here's what i have for 2011

    agnc - american capital agency

    ba - boeing

    bac - bank of america

    bmy - bristol myers squibb

    cel - cellcom israel

    cl - colgate

    dd - el du pont de nemours

    ftr - frontier communications

    hd - home depot

    intc - intel

    jnj - johnson and johnson

    ko - coca cola

    mcd - mcdonalds

    mmm -3m

    mo - altria

    mrk - merck

    pfe - pfizer

    pg - proctor and gamble

    t - at&t

    trv - the travelers company

    vz - verizon

    win - windstream corp

    xom - exxon mobil

    stocks with high dividends may seem like an attractive buy, but you have to be cautious of these companies because they may stop offering dividends (which will cause their stock prices to drop) or eventually go bankrupt, a good example is AGNC they pay 5% dividends (20% annual) but its doubtful whether they can continue this trend

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    I can help some with dividend.

    What you want in a dividend stocks is steady company profitgrowth, dividend appreciation, continued income reporting and dividend percentage per price of the stock. You want to avoid companies that lose money or have a history of losing blips. So in effect, stocks like 3M, IBM, Honeywell and the like are a good place to start. Beware of choosing even the best blue chip if the dividend is below 2% because it's not worth it. Anything 3% or better or you might as well just put it in a money market.

    As for growth, well you can say Apple is a growth stock if you can afford $350 a share. It all depends on what you can afford to spend.

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    I have an ETF dividend combination of 50% PFF ; 30% MUB and 20% JNK. This combination over exposes you slightly to the financial sector. I prefer ETFs to stocks especially if your objective is income, as there is no risk of CEOs leaving, missing earnings, etc. My 2 cents. Here's how u would have performed v/s stock market if u had a profile like that.

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    I can't guarantee that they'll be the best ones for two years, but they'll definitely get you through at least the next quarter, probably longer.

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