Hey South Africans, where in South Africa can tourists see the?

Green Martians? Are the darker green martians more common than the lighter green martians?

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    The lighter green ones immigrated to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, so there are an imbalance with the ratio dark to light at present. With the BEE and RDP [revenge of the dark Phobians] diseases that was injected to the country after '94, more light Martians suffered and had to return to their roots.

    Light Martians were usually quite plenty full in Sandton, Cape Town and Clifton Beach - now you can find them in those little off the map towns and remote locations. Dark Martians can now afford to occupy those areas more likely these days ...

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    Lighter martians tend to be of the female sex and they don't actually reside on mars they come from its larger moon which is aptly named as Phobos (Fear). The moon travels through space on the backs of four elephants that stand on the back of a giant turtle making forays to mars to satisfy their carnal desires. The darker skin of the males is actually due to the reddish tinge which is to camouflage them from these predatory creatures. Pretty similar situation to here on earth except that once satisfied the females act more like the black widow spider hence the camouflage. So in answer to your question there are no actual light green Martians, these savage creatures are actually known as Phobeans. Some of these have actually made their way to SA where they live a reclusive life inside Table Mountain rarely seen by human beings.

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    No Wrecked, only in Sutherland, using the biggest telescope to see what they are up to on Mars .. and judging from the color of their home planet, the red ones are the dominant ones

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