I just got hired as a back waiter for PF Changs. Should i expect to make decent money or wasting my time?

I was told the back waiters get 2 percent of the waiters tips when they are pooled. I'm 24 and have to save money to finish school. I hoped to get hired as a waiter because I know someone who works as PF Changs and makes like 50k a year. They only hire as a back waiter first then you can prove to them your worthy of the desired position. Thanks for your input.

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  • 10 years ago
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    you'll do okay. and its not 2 percent of tips its 2 percent of sales. so if they sell 3,000 then youd make 60 bucks, on top of your hourly wage. where I work, servers make like 3.30 an hr and food runners (the back waiters of casual places) make like 4.50-6. so its really not that bad.

    prove yourself. start serving and make some real money.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    sounds like you already made up your mind

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