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How does one get good EXAM grades?

In one of my (high school) class, I got very good grades during tests (80%-90%/ B-A), but I just got my exam and I barely passed. I passed by one point, to be exact.

In my other, I'm studying my forte, I'm the best in the class, but I failed the exam.

Its the first time I've actually failed in subject exams I'm good at!

And its not like I haven't done my job as a student, I studied, and listened in class. But somehow, it doesn't show in my exams, which is horrible because most of my final grade depends on said exams!

I'm not the most academic person apparently; I haven't passed Math since Grade 6, I got pretty low scores in Chemistry and Physics (they are no longer mandatory), but the art's, languages, and humanities I'm extremely good at... though my teachers no longer think so. (A*sholes)

So now I'm desperate and in need of help. My next exams are far away, but this year is important, if I don't get good grades, my university options will fall. As dramatic as this is, I am very alarmed by the bad results this term.

I need some suggestions, and my teachers barely gave me anything to work with, so here I am..

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    im the same way. good grades in english, history etc, but have never been good at math. you just have to study twice as long its really the only way. you eventually will learn it but it sucks having to. if your not opposed to making life a little easier and you can use graphing calculators on your tests, not only are there like hundreds of free downloadable programs that do everything for you but theres a program called notefolio where you can write like a 6 page paper on your computer and then put it on the calculator. real nice to have for math equations or chemical formulas.

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    I strongly suggest tutoring. You can hire a private tutor, or go someplace like Sylvan. They can help you figure out why you are not getting the most from your studying. If you have teachers who lecture, get a mini-tape recorder and record the lectures to listen to again later, or take good notes. Don't waste time on the stuff you already know, focus on the facts and concepts you don't yet understand. When you study, do so someplace quiet and comfortable, with good light, away from the hub-bub of other people. Do not have a tv or music on, it is hard for your mind to process new information with background noise. Some people claim it helps to study before bed. Supposedly, sleeping on it helps your mind remember what you have studied better. Just don't wait until you are really tired, or wait too long, and end up staying up too late. That won't help at all.

    I sometimes wrote down key facts I was having trouble with on index cards, and carried them with me. I could study them any time, anywhere. There was once a guy I was training for a new job with, and he couldn't remember some of the processes he needed to know to get licensed. I wrote them down on index cards for him, and he passed. He said it was the cards that worked for him! That was 5½ years ago, and last I heard, he was still working there.

    Honestly, though, a good tutor can help you with your study skills and exam preparation immensely.

    Before an exam, get a good night's sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast. That will help you be at your best for your exams. Good luck!

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    I would probably try studying for extra longer and take all the notes you can. If you are having trouble, maybe you should get a tutor? Also, if your not getting enough sleep at night it could make your brain cells start shutting down so you may not remember it all.

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    I never opened a book .. and i still graduated with a 3.4 GPA from michigan state

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