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How will solar power, wind power, and lightweight cars help individuals and businesses in the future?

how will these alternative's help us individual humans and big businesses?

please explain.

thank you soo much.

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    It will help because for the most part, the energy that humans mostly use today is coal and other fossil fuels. Since fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources, eventually they will run out. If they run out, humans would have no source of energy, and society would most likely collapse. Luckily, we have developed solar power, wind power, lightweight cars, hydro electric power, and many more efficient types of energy generators. Solar power and wind power help individuals and business by providing energy that will only end the day the world ends. Once solar power and wind power generators are built, it is free to supply energy because nobody would pay for wind or photons to power their generators. The only thing you would have to pay for once the generators are built would be to repair them if anything went wrong. In addition to new forms of generating energy, light weight cars help individuals and businesses because the lighter object (the car) that an energy source (the engine) has to move, the less energy the energy source uses, thus becoming more energy efficient and better for the environment. It would also be cheaper for the opperator of the vehicle because the vehicle would use less fuel, which in turn, puts more money in their pocket becaues the operator wouldn't have to pay as much for fuel.

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    There are already image voltaic powered one seaters, frequently out of colleges. yet a wind powered automobile as in a turbine gained't be a fantastic theory. a minimum of no longer contained in the problem you advise. the quantity of skill going into the motor is what desires to go back from the wind even as using. yet with the air resistance of the automobile and the decreased performance from replacing wind skill led to through using into using rigidity will kill your theory. There are 2 procedures, although, it would artwork. That the wind comes from the wind itself for the turbine, you employ a sail.

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    It will not help much.

    In fact lightweight cars may be more of a problem as they will likely have more plastics and composites that are not recyclable and not repairable either. The results will be higher costs.

    Big businesses might profit because subsidies you have paid for will help them install the new systems at bargain prices- to them. The benefit to you will be nil.

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    For one, when using energy derived from sources that can be easily replaced, you are making use of renewable energy. Examples of such sources are the use of flowing water, sunshine, biological and geothermal processes. They are most of the time characterized as clean and green forms of energy since they pose a minimal impact in our environment as compared to the use of fossil fuels. One advantage of alternative renewable energy thus is the enhanced sustainability on the use of infinite sources of energy. In the costs In terms of environmental degradation of using fossil fuels are taken into consideration, alternative renewable energy wins hands-down. There are also indirect savings in terms of the people’s health and its costs as there are no dangerous emissions that are involved.

    Thus, the success in every career starts with healthy community.

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    Light weight cars will reduce the population and increase the intelligence of the human race. We had a population reduction last night complements of a Mini.

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    I can't speak as well about wind power or lightweight cars, but I can talk about the financial and environmental benefits of solar.

    The economic viability of solar in many states of this country has never been higher, due to the aggressive cash rebate programs sponsored by those states, an underlying Federal tax incentive, emerging markets for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and rejuvenated efforts in solar industry R&D which have increased the equipment’s efficiency and power output while lowering the cost of components.

    Compared to other investments, a solar system is a clear winner. Over its lifetime, it should outperform conservative investments such as a savings account or bond fund, and match the historical rate of return of the stock market. However, the financial returns of a PV system (in the form of reduced electric bills) are more of a sure thing, whereas there are no guarantees when investing in stocks (the S&P 500 is essentially unchanged in the last 10 years). A

    PV system for your home or business offers a locked in electric rate for that portion of your demand which is offset by your array’s production. This is not only a hedge against inflation, but a hedge against future increases in electric rates from your utility, which have been trending at more than twice that of inflation! If electric rates continue to increase at their recent rate, they will double in about 15 years. As electric rates rise, your monthly savings in the form of cash not spent on your bill will actually grow.

    Speaking of cash flow, once a solar array is built and connected to your home you start reducing your electric bill immediately. Because your electric bill is lowered, in essence the cost of operating your home has decreased… and will be decreased as long as the sun shines on that system. Therefore, compared to a neighbor without solar, the value of your home actually increases because it is cheaper to pay your bills each month. Studies suggest that your home value will increase $20,000 for every $1,000 of annual electric bill savings. In most cases, this immediate increase in value is greater than the net cost of your PV system.

    From the very first day it is installed and commissioned, a solar PV system will produce clean, green electricity. Whatever a system produces reduces its owner’s need to purchase “dirty” electricity produced by burning fossil fuels or harnessing the power of a nuclear reactor. Translating an array’s power production to common measures of energy or energy-related items helps to understand PV’s value. For example, a hypothetical 5kW PV array in New England should produce the equivalent energy of 10-12 barrels of oil each year. This is like saving 10,000 pounds of carbon or greenhouse gas emissions. Another way to express this system’s beneficial attributes is to say the greenhouse gas emissions it offsets are equivalent to planting about 20 mature trees each year, or driving your car about 7,000 miles less than you typically would in a year.

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    Depends, how many trees are you going to cut down to put up the solar panels of wind turbines? Solar panels can't be shaded and wind turbines have to spin.

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    will not help

    unless the cars are electric

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