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Is there a Mobile TV App?

Is there a Mobile TV App? thanks

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    Hi, you can try Mobile TV Elite software, which you can use to watch free live TV on your mobile phone, iPad and other portable devices. I use it before and it works for me. Mobile TV Elite is a legal and safe mobile software that allow you to watch over 1,000 Satellite HD channels via optimized streaming technology on your mobile cell phone or iPad. Download it here and instantly turn your phone into a Super TV :

    Mobile TV Elite Software is compatible with almost all types of mobile cell phones, such as nokia, blackberry, windows mobile, android, iphone, even iPad and other portable devices. You only needs ONE of the following things to transfer the software to your mobile device: 128 Mb memorycard or higher, card-reader or USB cable. Hope it's what you are looking for.

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    There are various Mobile TV apps in India at the moment Hotstar, Jio and Airtel etc. If you search google play store you will certainly get more apps that offer this service.

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    There is an android app for Mobile TV is one of the best mobile app developer in the US market.

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    Yea, the app is called

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