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what is this letter saying?

THIS CAUSE having come before the court on Plaitiff's Motion for Substitution of party Plaintiff, and the court being otherwise fully advised in the premises it is hereby ORDERED

1- Plaintiff's motion for substitution of party plaintiff is granted.

2-BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING, LP FKA COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS SERVICING LP shall be substituted for COUNTRY WIDE HOME LOANS, INC. and the style of the case shall be amended to reflect same.


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    the plaintiff (the person filing the suit) asked for a change in identity and the court accepted that request. Specifically, the official person suing is no longer "Country Wide... INC" but instead is now BAC Home loans and Country Wide...LP.

    Doesn,t affect the basis of the suit, it just redefines who has the interest in the suit. In this type of change it is usually the result of a change in who holds the rights to the loan and thus has the right to pursue for payment. For example, a house with a primary and secondary mortgage might see the secondary creditor buy out the primary creditor (pay off the loan and take responsibility for it), or it could be simply an internal corporate accounting thing,

    the court has accepted that the change has no material effect on the case.

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