People from New Mexico, how bad is it there?

From what I heard, New Mexico is in a worse state than Arizona.


In crime.

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    Yeah, New Mexico is probably worse than Arizona in most respects other than crime. Gangs are not really a problem, I don't know why, but they just haven't taken a foothold here. There is some meth dealing and related drug-crimes, but nothing like Phoenix or Tucson. Although there is a LOT of embezzlement in this state. But the liberal gun laws and masive number of CCW permits keep most people polite and orderly. Robberies are infrequent 'cause New Mexicans tend to keep a lot of dogs and entering someone's house is a guaranteed way to get your head blown-off. Unlocked cars are often rifled-through.

    New Mexico is a strange and wonderful place. It is incredibly beautiful, but barren and hostile. Yes, lots of artists live here. Santa Fe has the largest concentration of artists outside Paris and New York. Most of them are in the starving artist category. Much of the south of the state is cowboy country -- not as much as Wyoming, but close.

    The state has plenty of scientists, Ph.ds, and other highly educated people, but also has one of the highest highschool drop-out rates in the country. Less than half the people who start college ever earn any kind of degree.

    The more-populated north is rabidly liberal and Democratic, but the south is conservative and Republican. Overall, the state tends to be Democrat 'cause most of the population is in the north.

    The state is the fifth largest in size, but the 36th in population. The largest United States Military Reservation in the country, White Sands Missile Range, consumes a Connecticutt-size area in the central south of New Mexico, and Fort Bliss takes up even more of the south.

    New Mexico ranks 43rd in income. Many people around Santa Fe are very wealthy, but LOTS of people live in poverty. Many, many celebrities own homes in New Mexico, but I think a lot of them are only part-time residents. Ted Turner owns huge swathes of land in the state, which he uses as wildlife preserves.

    New Mexico is a place where $250,000 will buy you an adobe dreamhome on ten acres of land, but it will probably be within sight of trailers. A few years ago, there was a spike of fires hitting abandoned trailers around Santa Fe. At first they thought it was vandalism by kids, but then the cops decided it was torqued homeowners getting rid of eyesores.

    In the 1990s, the Feds and the State spent a lot of money to round-up all the wild horses on White Sands Missile Range. But in 1969 NMSU had introduced about sixty African Oryx to the range. Without natural predators and with the competition from the horses removed, there are now between 3,500 and 7,000 oryx running-around.

    New Mexico has some really unique geography; White Sands National Monument, several lava flows the size of small states, volcanoes, all kinds of things. The largest river is the Rio Grande, which, in full flood state, is still only about sixty feet wide and relatively shallow. I mean, you can wade across it in most places. The other rivers (Pecos, Gila, etc.) would be considered creeks in most places. I don't know if there are any natural lakes in the state, most I know of are reservoirs. There just ain't much water here.

    Nepotism is another problem in this state. About two years ago they fired the top four directors of the Inn of the Mountain Gods (a beautiful casino and resort near Ski Apache). All were husband/wife/brother-in-law/something. It's nothing to apply for a job for which you're vastly qualified and later learn that the person who interviewed you gave the job to their idiot nephew.

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    No, Mexico is not bad and many people find that even with the poverty because of the culture and the beauty they prefer to live there than in a richer country. The problem with mexico is that the govt doesnt help the people and the country doest have a lot of trust for people, the govt, the police.. you always need to be careful and its kinda like every man for himself which the people get put into their mentality but anywayyyyy.... ive lived in mexico in different cities and it has its ups and downs... the downs are that u must work 6 days a week and u get paid less than $20 a day. You need to spend so much time working hard for hardly any money. i know things are cheaper there but come on!! its so hard to just survive theres no extra money for other things... this is the bad thing about it. constant struggle for survival... but ive never seen or been victim to any kind of violence or crime while i was there! so in terms of that no its not that bad yet at the same time yes it is.. mafia rule the country almost.

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    People In New Mexico

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    When was the last time you saw anything good in American newspapers. The only good news I recall was a headline that read DALMER DEAD. That was the the Good News. Anyway I have been coming here for 40 years and this year I have been in Acapulco and you just don`t see these things that you see in the papers. The are reporting all the bad news because that is their job and it sells papers. There has been gang warfare but it is only going on in the outskirts. The dumping of dismembered bodies is for Shock value and those guys were killed elsewhere and dumped here. Those 20 tourist on a bus turned out to be Mafia members from La Familia according to a statement from the governors office. The bottom line is that it is all related to Drugs. Acapulco is 100% occupied and life goes on. Most of the remaining violence is occurring in Juarez. Corruption there runs deep but is the last of the border towns where any significant violence is happening. Not ONE foreign has been killed as a result of Gang warfare. There have been 250,000 Murders in America in the last decade. Do you know how most Mexicans feel about that? Have you seen a murder in America?

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    People from New Mexico, how bad is it there?

    From what I heard, New Mexico is in a worse state than Arizona.

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    It's not necessarily bad in terms of crime, but it is in relation to cost of living. I left Albuquerque in 1979 only to return in 1991 and found it more livable in CA. Traffic problems are bad, but you have to consider most of the drivers are refugees from CA and other states.

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    I didn't know that NM was bad... Infact I heard it was actually nice. I hear for some reasons a lot of artists visit there for inspiration.

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    Bad in what way crime or jobs cost to live?

    The economy is pretty bad but it has been for years

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