how do I stop a hacker from sending e mails to my contacts?

A canadian drug company has been sending e mails to everyone in my adress book and contacts without my permission, I have emailed them twice to stop but they are still sending them. Any advice???

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    Having email unexpectedly be sent to everyone in your address book is a classic sign that your machine is likely infected with a virus or some form of malware. That "attached" advertisement is likely not an ad at all, but rather a copy of the virus itself attempting to spread.

    Needless to say you should immediately make sure that you're running up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software, with up-to-date databases.

    I some cases this will remove it

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    First make effective they are extremely popping out of your account, and not in any respect purely forged. if your contact examine the completed headers, and they journey professional mail from you, then you definitely want to revive it. in the different case there is not a lot you may do. Spammers frequently forge sender addresses - that is trivial.

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