Remedy to error message Launch FFC-1?

I first got the LaunchEmptyResponse error message. I emptied the cache and changed my password and now I get the error message LaunchFFC-1, still not able to access my mail. I have two other yahoo accounts but they are fine. I've read complaints by others and and tried all the suggested fix-its. Is it a matter of waiting it out or is this account lost forever?

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    10 years ago
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    You need to clear out your Browser cache,

    I have IE and I do this,and it does work with some other

    browsers,so give it a try.

    On the keyboard type 'Control Shift Delete' together

    then, on the window that appears click on Delete.

    click on this link and choose your browser it will explain

    how to clear out your browser cache,and help your PC

    to run faster,and work properly.

    Have a good day


  • 10 years ago

    About 3 mornings ago, the entire first two pages of this category was filled with this question and hardly anything else. It stopped within a few Im thinking its some temporary thing happening.

    I answer Q's in the category all the time.

    You know when glitches are going on, as you'll see big groupings

    of " what happened to my bookmarks ! " questions start up and go away. Im seeing a good number of this " why cant I access my mail going on currently...on main yahoo products category page.

    I would just wait a bit, and not get too concerned.

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