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HELP!Where to buy France Road Maps?

We are going to France in a few moths and my mum is wanting to find a road map/mellways book that she can buy here in Australia. Where would you be able to buy one, it needs to include major city areas ect, or maybe attach a link that can deliver it to Australia.

Please Help! Thankyou :D


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    If your mother wants to plan a journey by car in France you can google Michelin and get maps and itineraries on your computer that you can print out. You can also google French motorways.

    Once in France you can buy the Michelin latest tourist and motoring atlas that gives you detailed maps of the whole of France and a few town plans of the main cities. They are sold everywhere: airports, motorway stations , bookshops and newsagents. Once at the large city of your choice the hotel you will stay at will have free detailed maps of each city centre.

    You do not say where or how long for you are going. As said above it is difficult and very risky to drive in French towns.The highway code and priorities are different to those you have in Australia. Many accidents happen due to drivers coming from countries that drive on the left such as the UK. Parking is difficult and at a premium. Fuel is expensive. Many Parisians do not even bother buying a car as public transport is excellent.

    Most motorways charge heavy tolls and driving on small country roads is slow and tiring , whilst trains from one main city to another are frequent, comfortable and speedy.

    France may look tiny compared to Australia but it still takes a lot of driving to get to places.

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    I very much doubt if you'll find one in Australia, and you don't even say which city you want the map for. Even in Australia it's impossible to find a Melways that covers the entire country.

    I'm also surprised that your mother wants to drive in French cities. Believe me, it's a nightmare, especially for drivers used to driving on the left hand side of the road. It would be much better to plan an itinerary and take the train. Train transport is excellent in France, it's clean and efficient, and takes you just about anywhere you want to go - the complete opposite of trains in Australia!

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    To have a look at the roads in France you can go there and zoom in on France, it goes down to street level in cities. As you'll see it is a quite dense network.

    You can buy road atlas on and such, just type in road atlas France and you will get a choice of them.

    A roadmap showing all of France will only show the main roads, not the smaller ones.

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