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Anonymous asked in SportsBaseball · 10 years ago

Here's a list of MLB prospects, which make their respective rosters by the start of the 2011 season?

I'll do 2 prospects from each position:

Pitchers (2 Right, 2 Left)

Julio Teheran, Matt Moore, Michael Pineda, Mike Montgomery

1st Base

Eric Hosmer, Anthony Rizzo

2nd Base

Dustin Ackley, Brett Lawrie

3rd Base

Mike Moustakas, Lonnie Chisenhall


Jose Iglesias, Manny Machado


Mike Trout, Guillermo Pimental


Devin Mesaraco, Wil Myers

Just list which prospects you feel can make it too the big league level in 2011

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    On your picks:

    Teheran - September call-up. Had a great 2010, but the Braves had him in AA at the end of last year and he wasn't on the Braves 40-man all of last year.

    Moore - No, had solid year last year... but stayed in A+ ball the whole year.

    Pineda - solid year last year in the minors, should start in Seattle just because everyone in that place but Ichiro and Felix sucks.

    Montgomery - great year last year, Royals suck, should start up there.

    Hosmer - tough one. I'll say September call-up because Butler is a budding star at first.

    Rizzo - definitely, solid year last year and the Padres have a big gap at first now.

    Ackley - 100%. Probably starter at the beginning of the year. Fantastic prospect in every way and the best option for the M's.

    Lawrie - September call-up, Weeks is up there with the starting job right now.

    Moustakas - definitely, possibly starter. He had an amazing minor league season in 2010. Moustakas has some great tools and could get a lot of time this year.

    Chisenhall - probably. Indians don't have a lot, and he'll definitely get some playing time. Not an unbelievable prospect, but the Indians have nothing but Santana.

    Iglesias - September call-up. Incredible fielding prospect, solid hitting prospect. But the Sox have SS down with Scutaro and Lowrie.

    Machado - No. Orioles have a very solid offensive unit this year, and Machado will need another season to develop.

    Trout - Yes, there've been rumors of his coming up since last year. He may have finished in A+ ball, but he'll definitely be up there by September.

    Pimentel - No, Rangers already have too may outfielders and he hit .228 in A ball.

    Mesorasco - Probably. Reds don't have any great options at catcher. He should see some time.

    Myers - should be up by September, fantastic stats in the minors last year and no great option at catcher for the Royals.

    My picks:

    Jesus Montero - aging Posada, Montero will see time.

    Desmond Jennings - saw 24 ABs last year, expected to start this year.

    Aaron Hicks - September callup, good young Twins OF.

    Ben Revere - Another good Twins OF, plenty of speed and a good bat. Should make the team out of spring training.

    Kyle Drabek - lights out young pitcher, I think he won minor league pitcher of the year last year. Should be a beast for the Jays this year.

    Freddie Freeman - Braves need 1B help, he's a beast down there in the minors for them.

    Probably some others too.

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  • 10 years ago


    Teheran - no way. 19 years old,and he's a starter, which the Braves don't need right nwo. No need to rush him.

    Moore - where exactly would he pitch in TB? They don't need starters, certainly don't need to jump a guy from A to MLB.

    Pineda - June. Not right off the bat, but he'll pitch significant innings in 2011.

    Montgomery - not right off the bat. AA last year, he'll start in AAA and see what happens.

    1st base:

    Hosmer - no way. Not ready #1, KC set at 1B/DH with Butler and Ka'aihue anyway (for now).

    Rizzo - Only AA last year. SD doesn't need him yet. Maybe later in the year, but no way he starts the season with them

    2B: Ackley maybe. Lawrie no way. Hill is at 2B, and with the recent trade, Bautista moves to 3B and Lawrie doesn't go there either.

    3B: Moustakas in June, no doubt about it. Chisenhall soemtimethis year most likely.

    SS: Iglesias - Sox have 2 vet SS under contract (Scutaro, Lowrie). Iglesias is in no way ready to hit MLB pitching.

    Machado was JUST drafted out of HS. He's good, but he's not ARod. Not even close,. You'll see him in 3 years, late 2012 AT BEST.

    OF: Trout has nowhere to play and needs more development. Only played A last year. AA to start the year. Pimental - played only rookie ball last year at age 19 and struck out 31% of the time. He's years away from hitting MLB pitching.

    C: Mesaraco maybe, but not likely to start at MLB, but should see him this year sometime (Ramon Hernandez is perfectly good and under contract). Myers may not even end up catching, but again,only A ball last year, not ready.

    So, bigs in 2011 at some point most likely: Pineda, Montgomery, Ackley, Lawrie, Moustakas, Chisenhall, Mesaraco, Teheran

    No way - Hosmer, Rizzo, Machado, Iglesias,Moore, Trout, Pimental, Myers

    By the start of 2011: NONE The only guys who are currently even on 40 man rosters are Ackley, Pineda, and Iglesias.

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  • 10 years ago

    I can't comment on all of them, some have only played rookie leagues and Single A...

    Pineda..yes, he could fast track to the Mariners by mid year.

    Hosmer, maybe next year..probably be traded as he would play behind Billy Butler.

    Lawrie..I wonder if they will convert him back to catcher...he might get called up in September, I see him as a starter by next year...probably at 2nd.

    Moustakas...yes..he might make it this year...if Alex Gordon struggles, he will play.

    Mesaraco...definitely major league potential as a catcher. Should be called up this year, but will stay in AAA initially to get playing time.

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  • 10 years ago

    Dustin Ackley might be the only one and maybe lawrie and montgomery

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  • 9 years ago

    well the only one i know is lonnie chisenhall. and he is not going to be in the big leagues for another year or 2.

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