how can i make yahoo my default accelerator for emails?

when im online and see a good artical i would like to send to friends. i cant send it . either windows live or gmail come up and wont let me send the artical by email to anyone. i want to be able to go online and be able to send something to my friends with yahoo email not outlook express (which dont let me send anything)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Try this:

    Click this link, from Yahoo, for detailed instructions on making Yahoo your default mail client on--*Internet Explorer*--.

    You WILL be required to download their "newest" toolbar----use the "download" link that is on that page, to be SURE and get the correct one.

    That download Adds Yahoo! Mail to your PC's list of email programs to choose from. (follow the instructions).

    THEN, after you've chosen Yahoo! Mail as your PC's default email application (client), Yahoo! Mail will open when you click "ANY" email link in "ANY" browser, at ''ANY'' time


    Edit: helpful info (I hope).IF--you are using Windows 7

    One guy (using Win7) was unsuccessful ----UNTIL he FIRST "uninstalled" the Yahoo toolbar he was currently using-----and THEN installed the latest one as advised.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There are various hoops you can jump through to configure Windows and/or your browser to direct these e-mail links to the proper destination (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail), but why bother? No extra tool bars, No struggling with many settings for different browsers.

    Gmail Default Maker is a small, simple utility that does the hoop-jumping for you. Just run the free program, then choose the default mail service you want: AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo. (The program needs a name change!) It really is that easy. Now, whenever you click a 'mailto' link, you'll land in the proper Web client, not an unwanted desktop program.

  • funaro
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    4 years ago

    Why would all people want an email accelerator? You click on something and it comes up. in the adventure that your email is sluggish, that's per possibility your connection velocity and o0u could think of roughly upgrading

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