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I have a solution for global warming, what do you think?

Has anyone else noticed the dangerous trend between the decline in pirates and the rise in global warming?

There is a chart located in the link below which illustrates this relationship nicely.…

there is another relationship which supports this claim: Somalia has "the highest number of Pirates AND the lowest Carbon emissions of any country."

As a call to action the only costume people should be able to wear on halloween is a pirate costume. By my calculations this should lower our total carbon emmsions by over 8000%

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    Correlation is not causation.

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    This is simply because of the following:

    When global warming happens, it gets really hot indoors. Most pirates are indoors, in the basement most often, in a dark-lit room if any light at all, other than the monitors of their computers with the bright green horizontal bars indicating how much further their illegal downloads have until they dock.

    Some pirates are faster than others, which allows them to get beyond security measures. Those left behind in a crowded bandwidth are much too sluggish.

    One by the heat of global warming, and sometimes their pets, these pirates face the light, when the FBI comes busting down their basement doors. Heat rays from the kitchen stove pile on top of the global warming atmosphere of the pirate's secret hideout.

    But alas....arg......he was taken by ship arg!

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    We have all notice the cooling effects since the rise of Somali Pirates.

    This satisfies the Fundamental Theorem of Global Warming, i.e., A follows B, therefore A caused B.

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    9 years ago

    If we oversaturate the board with his noodely goodness, people will just be irritated. Evangelizing must be done with discretion. What is the success rate for door to door christians? Exactly, if you irritate, bother, and in general just annoy people, you utterly fail to convert them.

    Drop a carrot now and then, let them come to you.

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    9 years ago

    That sounds like an excellent "solution" to our non-problem.

    It makes more sense than much of what has been offered by the "scientific" community.

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    I like this...a lot :)

    Basically, I don't think that global warming is a verifiable/provable theory. As we should remember, it is still a theory! xD

    So I like that you're taking the rip out of it xD

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    thats just rediculus, the reason Somolia has less immisions is because it is way behind on technology.

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    i agree....

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