What is the full name in which the North Korean's address Kim Jong Il ?

I know in Muslim culture you always say THE PROPHET Mohammad or Allah (something long), I remember that it is disrespectful if you don't say a certain pre name when speaking of Kim Il Sung or Kim Jung Il, but what is the heading that you must use for the both of these O so worthy leaders

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    The north koreans refer to Kim Il Sung as "Great Leader" (sooryung, 수령/ sooryungnim, 수령님).

    Kim Jong Il is referred to by a few names such as "Dear Leader" (Chin'ae haneun jidoja, 친애하는 지도자) and "General Kim Jung Il" (Kim Jung Il Jang'goon, 김정일 장군) Kim Jung Il's son, Kim Jung Un is apparently being called "Rising General" (set'byul jang'goon,샛별 장군) and "Young Four Star General" (chung'nyun daejan, 청년대장)

    Two interesting things about Kim Jung Il's nicknames:

    1) NK defectors often criticize him being called a "general" because he has never led NK in battle and has no military experience whatsoever. (neither does his son)

    2)supposedly Kim Jung Il was promoted from "Dear Leader" to "Dear Father", but I couldn't find anything in Korean about that.

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    Their ideology, Juche, ability that they are in a position to't go out the country. they are in a position to't even get stuff from exterior North Korea! each morning they "pray" to their first chief, Kim Il-Sung. they are bombed with propaganda. they can't get out, atleast that is totally no longer ordinary and that they threat getting performed for being "traitors". somewhat all they be attentive to is what they have. they seem at their chief as "God", he gave them each difficulty. for many of them something of the international may be a flaming inferno for all they be attentive to. If what represented each thing you have ever conventional died, you would be unhappy too. EDIT: i do no longer think of they have been threatened. As I pronounced, "all they be attentive to" has died!

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    They call him "dear leader"

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