how can a pisces get a taurus?

I'm starting to like my guy friend's best friend, but I don't know why ugh. When we first met I felt there was some chemistry, but nothing ever came of it. He was nice and all, but I think (well according to my guy friend) I was too shy and came off as too submissive and guess not confident. yet, now I'm much more social and confident and still a bit on the submissive side, but don't mind. I am girly but also laid back and outdoorsy at times (not high maintenance like the guy thought I was). Once, when we played squash, the guy I liked told me he liked my shoes. Sometimes we talk and he is much nicer and sweet. I gave him a hug today and it was really nice and lasted a while. My guy friend said he came to the event I had b/c of me (but he was joking). How can I get him to want me???? alreayd say he's treating me nicer than this other guy i liked did. this one actually LIKES my hugs lol

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    9 years ago
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    i am a pisces girl...Listen I think from what you are saying he already thinks your interesting and you just need to continue to talk to him. Let it be smooth and let it work out. Besides from what everyone has told me opposites do attract so show off your brains and looks.This combination is likely to bloom into a lovey-dovey, blissful relationship due to both of these signs being hopeless romantics. The Piscean female should try and be in control of her emotions as the jealous Taurean male will not be impressed if she drools over Leonardo DiCaprio while watching Titanic. He will feel threatened and probably rip up her copy of Elle in a childish rage and then blame her girly magazines for her dreamy behaviour, because he can't point the finger at anything else. Then again she can always get her own back by repeatedly annoying him with the fact that women are more important because they got to escape from the Titanic first, on the life-boats.

    this is a very fine match..pisces and taures are compatible.

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