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connecting a second computer to my dsl network via a linksys hub..?

Ok i have a computer running XPin my room and i used to run it on a 14 meg broadband connection, now im trying to connect it to my dads qwest DSL modem using a 5 port linksys hub. his computer runs Vista.the network manager doesnt show my computer as being part of the network. my computer shows the connection,and says connected and firewalled,but there is no internet connection still. this same configuration allows me to hook the same cable into my brothers windows 7 laptop and it works just fine, but when i plug it into my computer wondering what i have to configure on my end to be able to run my internet on that dsl connection.


ive been working on this for more than a few hours now,heres what ive tried:

ip release,renew

reinstall the card software/driver

run tracert(all good except for the first step,the hub)

disabled windows firewall and removed any programs that might be blocking the connection(could have missed one,i dont know)

the dns server and dhcp are both set to obtain automatically

the ip address was matching that of the gateway,which is no go, so i changed the last number to 254,which made the computer see the connection.

so now everything looks golden,just when i open a browser and try to go to lets say,google, still coming up with nothing.

can you think of anything i havent tried?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your problem is a hub or switch can't assign your computer a IP address. You'll have to set it up manually. A router has DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) which can automatically assign IP addresses to all of the devices connected to it.

    Run "ipconfig" from a command window on one of the connected computers and manually configure your computer with a IP in that range. ie: Connected computer's IP then set yours to

  • niels
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    3 years ago

    I have been given some questions which you circulate away out...what are you speaking approximately quickly community? Is the two desktops plugged into the modem or by way of a change or router? did you place up a "MSHOME" community on the two desktops so that they'd see one yet another? sounds to me like your daisy chaining the desktops is that this so? A lil greater information and that i could have the skill to assist ya.

  • -DC-
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    9 years ago

    You can't share the DSL modem using a hub or switch, you need a DSL/cable router.

  • 9 years ago

    Check your TCP/IP settings and make sure they are set to DHCP (automatically acquire network address)

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