How exactly does the ROTC program work?

i am looking to attend the ROTC progam at the university of Idaho, and i was just looking for more background, do i still dorm will normal college kids? do i just have classes once a month with the army? like am i still going to college for my degree or things in the army?

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  • 10 years ago
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    ROTC is a college elective, so it's not that different from any other course as far as scheduling goes and how it impacts your college life. The whole point of taking ROTC is so that you can have a normal college life while still securing a spot as a Second Lieutenant in the Army.

    If you join ROTC, you will still dorm with regular college kids. There's no difference between the housing situations of a regular student and an ROTC cadet. You'll still go through all of your university's application procedures and do everything exactly the same as everyone else.

    As far as classes go, each program has its own schedule. No two programs are exactly the same, but they don't vary that much either. A sample weekly schedule for an ROTC cadet might go something like this: PT three mornings a week from 0700 to 0800, classroom instruction each Friday from 1000 to 1130, and a Field Lab each friday from 1230 to 1800. On top of the weekly schedule, every program has an FTX (Field Training Exercise) once per semester for an entire weekend. Other than that, you're relatively free to live you're life like a regular college kid; go to parties, hang out with your friends, get yourself a girlfriend. You might be asked to take part in the occasional color guard or ceremony, but that's about it. There are more requirements for upperclassmen, such as LDAC, which is a month long course in the summer, but you don't need to worry about that for a long time.

    You will still be pursuing a degree in college if you join ROTC. Again, the point of the program is that you gain an education as well as a job in the Army. You'll still have the opportunity to do things with the Army. You can go to summer schools such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, Mountain School, and Northern Warfare School. You'll have the chance to intern at government agencies like the Pentagon. The point is, you'll have plenty of chances to do stuff with the Army, but the main focus is your education.

    I hope I answered all of your questions. God luck with all of your future ROTC endeavors.

    Source(s): Current ROTC Cadet, Seton Hall University, Pirate Battallion If you have any more questions about ROTC, feel free to contact me. Joining the military isn't a small matter, and it's not a decision you want to make only to find out it's not for you. I've loved my ROTC experience so far, but I know plenty of cadets who hate it. I talked to a few guys in the program before I joined, and I know it really changed my outlook on the program. Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns at
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  • 4 years ago

    In college, the Reserve officers coaching Corps is used to coach scholars to grow to be militia officers. you do not would desire to connect the militia after college except ROTC gave you some style of a scholarship. right here is my advice: Do ROTC and considerable in Meteorology. that's the quickest advertising field in any of the militia that's not labeled. for the duration of school, you would be quite skilled to be a meteorologist and an officer. After commencement, do time interior the militia as a meteorologist. you may earnings quite a few promotions for the duration of a while interior the provider. Then, the two stay in till retirement, it fairly is being quite messed over by utilising the government, or circulate away the militia. A meteorologist is an extremely stable paying profession outdoors of the militia.

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