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Bobby Notley asked in SportsHockey · 9 years ago

Is it too early to consider Erik Johnson a bust?

I know that defensemen usually take a bit longer to develop than forward prospects, however, he was drafted back in 06 and it seems he is still struggling. (Partially due to injuries) Is he going to go down as a bust? And by bust, I do not mean in any way that they are a complete failure. It's just that they were picked #1 overall and thus have a lot of expectations. Don't get me wrong, EJ is a stellar PMD, just not #1 overall pick material IMHO.


Why do I think he's a bust? He has not been the offensive force that he was expected to be. The St. Louis Blues have already begun exploratory trade talks for him. He has not panned out as nicely as others picked after him such as Jonathan Toews, Nicklas Backstrom, or Phil Kessel.

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    You have 30 NHL GMs who think he's a stud (ranked 13th of 194 NHL defenceman)..........not sure why you think he's a bust. He's an excellent positional defenceman which is what made him the youngest defenceman on the US Olympic team last year. He ranks 4th in fewest giveaways per minutes played by defencemen in thge league. 2nd on the Blues in takeaways, leads all Blues in ice time (4 sec a game more than Eric Brewer).

    Johnson has been an outstanding defenceman so far, potential Norris material (6th in voting last year out of 227 defenceman).

    Not sure what you see that 30 NHL GMS and 250 scouts are missing.

    Source(s): Retired NHL scout (30+ years)
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  • 3 years ago

    Agreed with Bek. the version between the gamers is place. EJ is a D guy, so he do not need the comparable point of impact as a forward. looking over the completed team of 1st around protective draft possibilities for 2006, there have been not many taken, and not one of the others have somewhat embarked on the NHL commencing line ups. Throw in playing for the Blues and then the Avs at their worst situations, and its simple to incorrectly assume he's been a bust. Correlation does not propose causation. If Erik maintains to be with the team, he might desire to become between the leaders on the team by way of fact the older gamers retire or permit bypass.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He is still young, Usually the best defenseman are all veterans who have a lot of nhl experience

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